Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Work Study.

I'm going to be a part-time student this coming fall, and I have to make myself useful by doing some sort of work. So I was talking to my father about WORK STUDY. I don't know if they have it at every college, but my school has it. So we (my dad and I), continued our conversation about what I would do when I get accepted for work study. Because my grades are good. And I know the guy in charge of Biology Tutoring Lab, and he said if they ask me where I'm interested to work, I should tell them there, because then he would accept me, and say they need more people. Understand what I'm saying? So anyway, he told me to go to the bursar's office. I went there, then the Bursar's office told me to go to a room. I also went there. Then when I went to the room, they told me to go this other room. I know,(sadly my school has the tendency of letting people go to where they want to go.) Anyway, I went there, and the lady then told me, "oh, sorry, but you need financial aide to do work study."
The one thing that came to my mind was how this government is F^@%ed up. But yet, they complain about money problems.
I'm furious at the moment. I don't know why. Maybe because I thought this would be my only chance of actually having a job. Because seriously, I'm sick and tired of making resumes, filling out applications and going to places asking if they're hiring. I'm also tired of going to interviews, and waiting until the company sends you a letter saying, "we're sorry, but you're not qualified for the position we are seeking at the moment." I'm also tired of companies throwing away my resumes because I have no experience. How the hell am I to get experience if no one wants to hire me?
I'm sick and tired of it all. But I guess I have to go back to doing that. My mom told me not to give-up, but I kinda am. It's like I'm putting so much work into finding a job, and nothing comes out of it. What do I have to do, how far should I go? Do I have to lie in my resume' about my past working experience?

Yours truly
Marcine -desperately in need of a job.

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