Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The government.

This post is a follow-up to work study, and how dumb the government is. We all know that the country is in a recession. But yet the government keeps spending money carelessly. Why is that so? Does it have to do with them being selfish and incompetent? A country so 'great', has a individualistic society,(me,me,me, it's all about me and no one else.) The people are like that, and so is the government. You have people here that is starving, homeless, in extreme debt, and on the verge of suicide. But yet you have people making millions of dollars for ramming a company to the ground.
This is a great example of the government spending money unnecessarily- Yankee Stadium and Citi-field.
The Yankee Stadium was in good condition, and they tore it down to build a 'better' one. Are they serious? They also destroyed a park close by, and built a little shopping area. They say it would be good for the community, because then there would be jobs available. They also say they would build a better park for the locals. That has yet to be done. Back to the jobs being available for people in the community. Well, the locals are stating to complain, because the stores that came in the area, hired their own people, and people in Manhatten. Hm hm hm.
My Sociology teacher (may his soul rest in peace), always said that this country is built in a way so that the poor stay poor, and the rich stay rich. The laws are also made to work against people who aren't white. For ex: The Jenna 6 incident. This took place somewhere down south. 6 black-African American boys were charged with beating up a white boy/s. It had something to do with a tree, and how blacks couldn't sit under that tree. Andway, the white boys bebat up a black boy/s also. But they were charged with a lesser charge than the black boys. They did the same thing. But because they were white, they had that upper hand. It's sad to see these type of things taking place in today's society. We're in 2009 and this crap still goes down. If you want to make it in life you have to work hard. And if you're black, you have to work harder. Because people tend to look down on you if your skin is colored.

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