Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey there 2010!

Happy New Year!!
My new year resolution is to eat healthier. Watch what I consume, and how much of it. Become more independent. This is the year I become 20. Only a few more months left before I leave my teen years, so I'm going to enjoy what's left of it. I'm already on the right track. I got transferred to a new college for the Spring 10' semester without my parents help.
So to everyone out there, Happy New Year!!
Remember, it's a new year, so there should be a new you.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picture of the week.

I absolutely love this picture. It was brought to you by After Capture Photography Blog.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Found a funny video on youtube. I still can't upload, or add videos on my blog, I don't know why. But anywho, it's really funny, check it out by clicking here.

Happy Holidays/ Why must white people overexplain things to people of color, like myself?

Merry Christmas!! And to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!!

I've been busy lately, trying to register for my new school, meet up with the adviser's at the school, and register for my classes. Haven't registered for my classes yet, and the deadline to do so is January 7.
CRUNCH TIME. So many things to do in so little time.

And my father is telling me I'm not suppose to take no less than 5 courses.
Oh, he can say that, but he can't say don't take more than 5 courses.
So I went to the school, because I HAD to make an appointment with an adviser.
I arrived at the campus 5 minutes early, and I had to wait for about 30-40 minutes for the adviser to see me. It was finally my time to see him.The best part of that meeting was the advisor telling me, "so yea, this is the sheet with the courses you need to take, and since you did a lot of science courses at your old school, you don't have to do any......for now. So go ahead and pick one class from each group. I don't care which one you pick, just pick one. And oh yea, you need writing intensive courses, so pick the ones that have a W." And he got up in search of a paper with the letter 'W', and showed me. And he was pointing at it like yea, like that.
When that happened, my mind went blank for a minute, like is this for real? Did he just do that? Ah, how nice of you to show me what a 'W' looks like.
Then I remembered this posting, from one of the blogs I follow.
(stuff white people do.) <---- That's the name of the blog, seriously.
Personally, I think he was on something. He didn't seem 'right' in the head.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

4 in the morning/ Vegan recipes.

At four in the morning, I started cleaning. It was after 3 this morning when I remembered that my brother had to go to work early in the morning. I was half awake, so I went in the kitchen and started drinking from a 2 litre bottle of Crush orange soda. I fell asleep with the bottle in my hand, and half a hour later I got up feeling energized.
I started cleaning the bath tub and the bathroom floors. I even changed the curtains. Even though it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to put up the shower curtain. I still felt energized, so I started cleaning the dining room floor, and sweeping the carpets. Then I moved from the passageway to the kitchen.
After doing grocery, and cleaning the entire house in two hours. I finally took a shower, and went to lay down, and allowed the t.v. to put me to sleep at around 8.

I got up a couple hours ago, and came on my computer and started reading food blogs. It amazes me to see how creative people can get at times. For Christmas I'm planning to make banana bread for my family, and Leonson's. I'm also tired of seeing Leonson eat the same thing over and over. His rice and peas with vegan sauce. I understand he's Vegan, and that limits him to eating certain things. But my goal is to give variety to his diet. I just had a chat with him couple minutes ago, because I found this vegan recipe. Even the things he can eat, he doesn't like it.I was a bit skeptical about it. So I told him what it contained. He wasn't excited about it or anything, because he doesn't like vegetables. And that recipe contained a lot of vegetables. I won't be making that. Even though It seemed easy to make, and it looked delicious. Now I'm back to square one. Looking at food blogs for ideas to create a recipe he might actually like.

It's hard cooking for a vegan, a picky vegan to that.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ipod (My).

Leonson doesn't want to use my ipod, because according to him, and my brother, "I have the weirdest songs."
Hmm, In today's world, the music industry has a lot offer. So I try and give artists a chance.
In the summer of 08, there was this spanish song, it played in target back to school commercials.
Majority of it was in Spanish. I talk little Spanish. If hola, me gusta, and como te llama doesn't count. Then I speak no Spanish. But anywho. The song was in Spanish. The beat was crazy, (meaning good). And I would make an attempt to sing along to it, not knowing what the singer is talking about.That's a shame. But..............................let me just say, that that didn't turn out good.
Enur - Calabria
For the remix feat. MIMS, click here

So yea, my ipod consist of:

Marley brothers (Bob Marley sons)
Kirk Franklin
The Fugees
All Time Low (ATL)
Asher Roth
Beres Hammond
Bob Marley
The Temptations
Aretha Franklin
Boyz II Men
Britney Spears
Erykah Badu
Etta James
Fall Out Boy
Gnarls Barkley
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Janet and Michael Jackson
Jason Mraz
Jay Z
John Mayer
KC and JoJo
Kid Cudi
Lil Wayne
Lupe Fiasco
MJB - Mary J. Blige
Vampire Weekend
MCR -My Chemical Romance
Paul Tierman
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Robin thicke
The Script
Sean Paul
Shine Toy Guns
And that my friend is only a few of the special artist, I allow in my ipod.
I love all sort of music, except country,(sorry, no Taylor Swift for me), and Hardcore metal.

New York Police Department (NYPD).

Please stop sending me e-mails, about how good the police department would be for me. I'm not interested. I understand that you guys need to boost the percentage of minorities being accepted to your fine institution. But unfortunately, I will not be participating. I'm not interested in roaming the streets of New York looking for bad guys. Or allow people to threaten me, and as a police officer, I would be unable to beat the crap out of that individual. No thanks. But thank you for thinking of me.

Leonson and his mom made a joke about what would happen if I became a cop.
His mom said I would be the nicest cop. Telling the arrestee that I'll be cuffing them now, and asking them if they could get in the car nicely and quietly.
Leonson on the other hand said I would probably humiliate the arrestee and break somewhere on his/her body, for example his/her nose, for resisting arrest.

I'm not a violent person.
I'm not one to promote violence. But if you decide to use violence towards me, I'll do the same in return.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Boy in the striped Pyjamas/Race in our world.

I watched the movie this morning. It's such a great film, and sad at the same time. As soon as the movie ended, I got up and came on here. Click here to read what it's about.
I don't understand why, even in today's society, people despise each other because of the color of their skin, and because of their faith.
Who are they to say what's right, and what's wrong?
We live in a messed up world, and it's getting worse each and everyday.

The Holocaust- A period in time when the Germans tortured the Jewish people. The German soldiers forced then in an area, and burned them alive.
This is what I don't get. You have a few people saying that the holocaust never took place.
Oh really? So the people who survived, are lying? ..........OK.

Slavery- A period in time when the whites tortured black people. They thought that the blacks were inferior to them. They even beat them until they bleed. They raped the women.

I think that's where the saying came from. "The lighter the better."
If the slave owner impregnated a slave woman. The child would come out light skinned. So therefore, that child will end up working in the house, because he/she is light skinned.

Personally, I don't give a damn about where a person is from, or the color of their skin.
I have friends of different races.

They say we should listen to our teachers, because they know what's right from what's wrong.
I was born in Jamaica, and a few of the teachers tend to treat the white, and the light skin students differently. Different=better.

My High School was closing, so during my entire freshman year (3rd form or 9th grade), all of us were in every class together. So we were all friends.
Anyway, I had a friend. Let's call that friend Hayden. So, it was time for English class, and the book we had to read was about race. A hour and forty five minutes went by, and the bell rang. Class was over. But before she let us go, she pointed to Hayden, and said, "do you know why the color of your skin is like that?" The student said nothing. The teacher then said, "because the white man raped your mother." I was dumbfounded. And it came back to me, the student's mother passed away couple years back.

People in such a position say the most ignorant and dumbest crap.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


D&G came out with a fragrance collection, for both men and women couple months ago.

In english the names are: The Seducer, The Star, The Charmer, The Player and The Dreamer.

My favorite one out of the five is The Star (L'imperatrice).

It is so fruity and light.
It contains: Kiwi, red currant, grapefruit, and watermelon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Monk is no more. Monk is one of my favorite shows. I mean, I've been watching it since I was in Jamaica-the 7th grade. Now I'm in my second year, (a sophomore) in college. Yea, it's been THAT long. It was great while it lasted though.

Now that was a GREAT show. I don't think there is going to be one like it again in awhile.

USA is missing out. They cancelled one of their best shows.

"All good things must come to an end."

New Jersey Nets

They lost yet another game, to the KNICKS.
Nets - 97 Knicks - 106

My journey to school is an adventure.

I go to school in the day, and during that time, that's when I see the craziest things.

So I just left my house, and I see a bunch of police cars circulating the area. At that point, I know they're looking for someone.
So I continue about my business, and couple blocks later, I see a cop frisking a boy. He was probably about 12 or 13. This kid should be in school, but no, he's out of school roaming the streets. So as I kept walking, I looked back couple times, and the kid was let go. The cop left, and finally he wasn't in view. And that's when the kid started running my way. He ran up to me, and stopped at a light post. He waited until everyone went past him, then he opened the bottom of the light post and took out a bag full of weed-marijuana.
I was laughing to myself the entire way to school. I'm sorry, but the situation was funny.
At first I felt sorry for the kid, but he turned out to be guilty.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oldies but Goodies.

"If I have to beg, plead for your sympathy, I don't mind cause it means that much to me." No one writes music like that anymore.
I'm here studying, listening to some oldies. That play list to your left, have all the songs that I love.
Back then they called that type of music, Race Music.

I'm an old person stuck in a teenager's body.

New Jersey Nets.

"The Nets is this years Knicks."
This team has been on a losing streak. And I think they are close to making a record. "The first team to lose that many games in a row."

Wait, they(the Nets), played Charlotte Bobcats, and they won. My apologies.

They still suck.

TC's Hot Chocolate Chai tea anyone?

TC stands for Travel Chocolate, and it was founded by John Rossini.


TC's Hot Chocolate Chai
Serves 2
(local or organic whenever possible)

1/2 100 g Premium Dark Travel Chocolate bar
6-8 oz milk
1/8 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of ground cardamom
Pinch of cloves
1-2 tsp sugar (to taste)


Heat milk and spices in a saucepan over medium heat. When bubbles appear around the edges, add chocolate and sugar. Whisk slowly until chocolate melts and sugar dissolves. Simmer on low heat for three minutes. Serve.

Heat milk and spices in a saucepan over medium heat. When bubbles appear around the edges, add chocolate and sugar. Whisk slowly until chocolate melts and sugar dissolves. Simmer on low heat for three minutes. Serve.

Fact #5

The Swiss eat twice as much chocolate (21 pounds each per year) as Americans do.