Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Vegan bought the Twilight dvd for me. I told him that's all I wanted for my birthday. It's a recession damn it.jk. I enjoy reading the books. Can't wait for new moon. Now that I watched it on dvd, I realised that the acting wasn't all that good. Belle (Kristen Stewart) could have done a better job. The scene where she ended up in the hospital and Edwin told her that she had to go away. Her reaction was priceless. I understood that it was a "serious" moment, but I couldn't stop laughing at her. They should have made Dakota Fanning play Belle. Mr. Rob Pat is like 20 something. That would be wierd. Just like Hannah, miley cyrus(whatever her real name is), and her boyfriend whose name sounds like a football player or track star,(Justin Gaston).

Here is the Deluxe Edition.

March 30th

I haven't been blogging lately because I had to study for my Anatomy and Physiology test. I had to pass this 2nd test because I did terrible on the 1st one. Not terrible; but for a nursing major, that wasn't acceptable. So I was busting my ass everyday going to tutoring after my classes (even though I didn't need to). Eventually it all payed off. I did excellent on my A&P Lab and lecture. My mid-term grade is now a B+. I could have done better though.

In about a hour I'm going to be turning 19. My last year as a teenager, that's crazy. I'm in college for less than a year and it's already taking a toll on me. I'm constantly stressed out. The professors, the school and their dumb-ass policies. It's like the only time I have time to myself is when I'm by the Vegan's house. When I get home I would like to watch tv once in a while, and read up on bossip , WSHH and perez and laugh at the issues those "important" people go through.

I'm thinking of getting dreadlocks. Nothing like those bubbo dreads, the neat ones. But my only problem is, I have to wash my hair like every week, or two weeks. And in order for me to locks it, I'll have to leave it in for a month. A MONTH!! I really don't know how I'm going to manage,(that's if I go through with it anyway). *For the last picture, I realized that I look like that kid from High School Musical. The one with the same hair*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

15 important things you should know about me.

1. I get bored easily.

Phychology continued. *yawn*

Conditioned Stimulus(CS), Conditioned Response(CR), Unconditioned Stimulus(UCS), and Uncondition Response(UCR).

The 3 domains in Human development:
1. Physical
2, Cognitive
3. Psychosocial

Genotype: Your genes, traits/genetic make-up.
Phenotype: Your physical features.

Authoritarian Parenting Style: Are demanding, and unresponsive to their children's needs.
Authoritative Parnting Style: Are warm, responsive and involved with their children.

Health Psychology - The study of hor biological behavior and social factors influence your health.

Stress according to Psychology is a negative emotional state. I disagree. Stress is both positive and negative.
-Stressors are things that cause stress.
-General Adaptation Syndrome(GAS)- Being able to go through events occuring in your life. Then being able to cope with the changes in your body.
Fight or Flight - A quick response to an immediate threat. You fight, or you run (flight).

Psychoneuroimmunology - The study of psychological process, nervous system and the immune system.

Type A behavior - People who are very competitive,wants to do a lot of work in so little time and gets angry easily and annoyed.

Acculturative Stress - Immigrants like myself normally go through this. It's stress caused by being in a different country and dealing with their norms (customs).

Anal retentive - Obsessive Compulsive Behavior(OCD)

What is the difference between Clinical Phychiatrist, and Phychiatrist? You would think that because you see the word clinical, it has something to do with medecine right? And therefore the Clinical phychiatrist can prescribe pills right?....................WRONG!! Actually it's the opposite. The phychiatrist is the one that prescribe drugs. That's the difference.

Operant Conditioning - Is voluntary learning.
Classical Conditioning - Involuntary learning.

Independent Variable-Cause
Dependent Variable-Effect

Self Concept - What you think of yourself, and how other people view you.

Oedipus Complex - Psychologists balieve some messeed up things. This Complex is about the relationship between a child and their parents. According to psychologists, they believe that a daughter will compete with her mom to get daddy's attention and love (literally speaking). The same thing goes for the boy. The boy will compete the father to get his mother's loving.

Psychology; Freud's Theory on rap (Eminem).

Today in psychology class I learned about Freud's ID, Superego and Ego. We learn the same thing in Sociology. A good example of the ID, Superego and Ego is Eminem's song "Guilty conscience". Dr. Dre is the Superego.Eminem is ID
America lives off Freud's Theory.

Transcription and Translation

Here is a video about the process of DNA. This is the best video I've seen thus far. It talks about transcription which occurs in the nucleus and translation which occurs in the cytoplasm, and deals with protein being made.

Remember: From DNA to RNA. The process is Transcription. From RNA to Protein. The process is Translation.
This a video about RNA to PROTEIN SYNTHESIS.

The Endocrine System.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Move if you wanna by Mims

I've been on youtube looking at various crews dancing. Then these two caught my eyes.
I'm undecided on who did it better. Kars or So Real Cru.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I haven't blogged in about 2 weeks. I've been really busy, even up until now. I'm suppose to typing a 4 page term paper for GYM. Oh I'm sorry, I mean Physical Education. I guess this is what I get for picking and intensive writing course. I had to. In order to leave the school everyone has to have atleast 2 courses of an intensive writing course. Anywho, off gym and on to Anatomy and Physiology. I'm doing, sort of good.......ok.... The class is split in two. Anatomy and Physiology Lab and Lecture. I'm doing good in the Lab, good as in scoring 100's on test. yea, that good. But for the Lecture now, I took my first test. That didn't go too well. I got a 60. That's passing......true....yes....BUT....not for a nursing major. I have to start studying more. I'm trying, so therefore I need to try harder. Oh and Psychology; that and Sociology, personally I think those classes aren't important. Sociology was alright, I learned certain perspectives, things about ohter cultures and so on. But psychology. WTF!! It's like these people are trying to change my religion. They don't deal with God. They deal with evolution of man and animal, blah,blah, blah. Thank God the teacher gave us a take home test. There was 45 questions, and I only knew 15. That's really sad. I have to start reading the chapters also. Even thought all this is against my religion, I'm paying for the course so.......please God let me pass this dumb class. Oh, I spoke to my cousin today, her name is Serena, yes, as in Venus' She started High School back in Sept of 08. She's doing good. And I know she's going to continue in that path. I asked her if she wanted anything and she said a Hannah Montana watch.... yes, an Hannah (Miley) Montana (Cyrus) watch. I don't like her. She should be setting a good example for little girls. Unfortunately she's not. My cousin is in Jamaica, and they aren't aware of the crap they do. How are you 16 and have a twenty something year old boyfriend. Oh, and the recent picture of her and her 'boo'. The whole purity ring thing; "I promise to keep my virginity until I get married." One word, righttttttttttttt. This is the pic of her I believe she said she was going to a car wash, or something like that.PIC. I'm going back to work now....