Sunday, February 22, 2009

Funny advertisements.

Football players and lizards.

Difference between men and women.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prom Queen!!

A neuron that can be found in the nervous system.
The purpose of the neuron in the nervous system is to send coded messages to other cells in the body. For example: Because of your nerves, you are able to do this.
In lab we started the muscular tissue. 3 words. What The Hell.

P.S. Lil Wayne's Prom Queen, that's my favorite song at the moment. Later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A&P Revision.

Info on synthesis, peptides, amino acids. Here.

A&P - Epithelium Tissues Quiz

For information on neurons; what is it, and what is its function click here.

Ribosomes deals with protein synthesis.

What is solvent, and solute?
Solvent- Water
Solute - Salt

What does DNA mean? What does RNA mean?
Deoxyribonucleic acid. Ribonucleic Acid

What is hyrophobic?
Hydrophobic is when an something is afraid of water. For example: Oil, fat, lard etc. does not dissolve easily in water.

What is hydrophilic?
Hydrophilic is when something dissolves in water easily. For example: Salt.

What is dehydration Synthesis?
Dehydration synthesis is a loss of a water molecule.

What is hydrolysis?
Hydrolysis is a gain of water molecule. (for more info, click here)

All living things are composed of 6 living things.
1. Hydrogen
2. Nitrogen
3. Phosphorus
4. Oxygen
5. Calcium
6. Carbon

And then are broken down into (2) categories
1. Organic- (contains C-carbon) 2. Inorganic-(do not contain C-carbon)

Epithelium Tissues.

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium Tissues can be found in the Bronchioles. Click the link for more information from the New York Times. They have some important information about people with asthma and the difference between a normal and asthmatic bronchiole.

The Transitional Epithelium can be found in the Bladder. This type of Epithelium has 2 forms, thus the name Transition. It can be stretched and become normal. For example: Click here. It does this to fit in.
Got tot go to my next class now. Prepping for my A&P test tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The tissues in the body.

There are (4) major tissues in the body. They are 1) Epithelia 2) Connective 3) Nervous 4) Muscular.
I'm currently learning about various epithelial tissues.
There are (8): they are Simple Cuboidal, Simple Culumnar, Simple Squamous, Stratified Cuboidal, Stratified Culumnar, Stratified Squamous, Pseudostratified, and Transitional.

Stratified squamous is the most abundant in the human body. These tissues are found in certain areas of the body, for ex: The Stratified Squamous is found in the Anal canal, Vagina, esophagus and the mouth. The function of it is to protect.

That's all for now folks.

Inspirational quote of the day.

"Don't be afraid to stand on a mountain of no's...." B. Smith

Saturday, February 14, 2009

P.S. ..........Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines day to all. I hope you all have a great day with the one you love. Couple minutes ago I took a few pictures of my dad, and my godmother sleeping. The pics came out funny, so I sent it to my mom, Leonson, Michael and my god-sister Gaylia. I was studying real hard yesterday and got a headache, even up until now I still have it. I'm going to make it worse by picking up the books again.

I heard the news about the plane that crashed in the Hudson River, then recently a plane crashed in a house in Buffalo; it was coming from New Jersey. This is why I don't watch the news. There is way to many negative things in the news.

My aunt passed away on Christmas day last year. And her funeral was in January. My father went down there to prep for the funeral and so did a few of my family members. Here are a few pictures. Pictures of my 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, father and uncle. Yes, I have a lot of cousins. From Sept. 08- Jan. 09, I found out I had 7 cousins. 7!! They keep popping

Monday, February 9, 2009

Say it aint so Rihanna and Chris Brown. I'm sad to report that it is.

I was watching Chelsea Lately and it popped up saying 'breaking news'. Chris Brown was arrested and charged with a felony for physically abusing a woman. They say he was in his car with a female. When they said 'a female', my first thought was Rihanna. But then I was like, ' Chris Brown is not that dumb to lay his hand on a woman. His fans are 80% women. what the hell was he thinkin?' So, I went on google and searched, ' chris brown hit Rihanna', and the story came up. TMZ, E! and a few entertainment shows/channels were on the it. Then I started reading people's comments. A few desperate Chris Brown fans were happy. They even went as far as to say she deserved it. Are you serious? WOW, people say the dumbest things. I mean personally I don't like him, I like his music, not him. he's a cocky *coughs*. Anywho, he was arrested, and had to pay a $50,000 bail fee. They should have kept his ass in jail. I don't care who the hell you are. No man have a right to put his hand on a woman. Even if the woman is annoying you, disrespecting you and so on. NO MAN SHOULD PUT THEIR HAND ON A WOMAN.
Rihanna on the other hand. I mean she seems like a cool person. I love her songs and most importantly I love her for coming foward and telling the LAPD that it was Chris Brown that abused her. The police department said that their were visible teeth mark on her hand. What the hell?! Teeth mark? chris brown is a dog. Anyway, I have no respect for this guy now. Won't waste my time listening to his music anymore. Damn woman beater. Your career is over now. How so? Because more than half of your fans are desperate, I mean females.Your career is over and 50 Cent wasn't involved in it. lmao.
Question: What is this story about both artists were in a car accident.
I changed my mind because this story isn't adding up.
I still don't like you chris brown.
I don't believe this story.

President Obama's News Conference/ 50 Cent and Rick Ross 'beef'.

He wants to put money in the consumer's pocket, build proper schools for the students and teachers. Even though his Stimulus Plan is worth billions of dollars, he is doing that to try and stabilize the economy. That means, he is trying not to let more people go on food stamps and any other benefits out there. Why? Because the more people are on food stamps, the more money the federal government hasd to fork out....

I'm on Youtube right now listening/watching the whole 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef. It's somewhat funny. 50 is always the one starting shit with people. First Ja Rule, The inc Family (Murder Inc.), The Game, Young Buck and now Rick Ross. Personally I don't like Rick Ross, even before people found out that that he was a corrections officer. lmao. Even Game is favoring with 50 Cent. I hope 50 ends his career like he said he will. "....... trying on fur coats to Stevie Wonder."lmao. To listen to the interview with The Game click here To see what they are talking about. 50 Cent carried Rick Ross' baby mother, and her friend shopping. That video is messed up, (the things she said about him.) "High class whores......" here is the interview with 50 Cent and his baby mother. LMAO. I have a list of nigger who's careers I'm going to mess up..." 50 is good at that. Here is the link for Rick Ross' baby mother and 50 Cent talking crap about the black santa Clause (Rick Ross). Interview

Friday, February 6, 2009

Diddy is poison.

This is one of the funniest videos I've seen thus far. Basically, the video is about a guy cutting ass,(making fun of) Diddy, Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, whatever his name is.

This is the second video. But way funnier. He's not only making fun of Diddy, but his artists. What he says is true though. Look what happened to the artists on Bad Boy Records. It's sad. "You don't get sign to Bad Boy and get dropped.You get sign to Bad Boy then you disappear." This is a warning for Elephant Man. Do what Young Jeezy did. He was apart of Boyz in the Hood, and he ran. Please do the same if you love your career.

A summary of what took place this week.

Last night I found out that Michael Phelps was suspended. Not from the 2012 olympics, but for any event coming up in the next 3 months. The American swimming association said that 'Michael Phelps disappointed them and the people that look up to him.' And Kellogs won't be renewing his contract. They say it's not good for the company. They can't have a weed-head representing their brand. They didn't exactly say it in that exact way. But you know what I mean. Speedo, they make those swimming tights. They have sense; they realized that even though he did something like this, he's still worth a lot. So they are staying with him. They should make a custom made suit for him. I'm thinking the background should be black, with green leaves all over Seriously they should. What else came in the news this week?

Oh, that lady that had the 8 babies, she needs some serious help. I think overall she has 14 kids. That's crazy. Before she had the 8, she and her mom were fighting to take care of them. Now she went ahead and got injected semen and now popped out 8 kids. Now she wants to write a book, or something to that nature. And she's expecting couple million dollars for it. This lady is funny and her mom's house is on the verge of forclosure. Nice move lady. Lady, you have a long way to go and a lot of things to do if you don't want Child Services to come in.

Foxy Brown signed to Akon's label? Don't care, next topic.

President Obama's stimulus plan went through.
President Obama told the country that he "failed". Hey, atleast he tells the truth, unlike Bush. But seriously, it's your first couple weeks as president, you have 348 days left. By the way, what is up with the people he are picking for his admistration. They turned down his request for this guy (I forgot his name), because he didn't pay his tax, or he had a history of not paying his taxes or medical bills. And now he picked a woman, and she also has a history of not paying. Wow.

The well-educated people on Wall Street.

Even though the country is in this economic crisis. People are loosing their jobs, can't afford the smallest things, can't pay their bills, can't take care of their kids, killing themselves or/and their family. People are doing a whole lot of shit and it's crazy. Bt yet you have the fine people on wallstreet that are paying their bosses 2 million a year. WOW!!!! 2 million a year. Aint that some shit. So anywho, Obama, I mean President Obama realized that it's wrong and stepped in. So now he put a limit. The maximum of 500,000 a year. So now you have a couple dumb-asses who are mad that the president stepped in. They say it not 'democratic'. Oh well....

Other companies; Panasonic and Best Bu yare laying off a lot of their workers. A LOT.

Did Selma Hyak really breast feed a baby (not her own), in Africa? I was watching the news, but I was kinda dozing off (that's what the news do to me).

Rod Blagojevich is a joke. (the governor of Illionois). The guy that was trying to sell Obama's senate seat.

Bernard Madoff -The scam artist that scammed a lot of people. He is on house arrest in his multi-million dollar penthouse. His ass should be in prison. People invested everything in his 'company', their entire life savings, their children's college funds and trust funds.
Here are a couple people and companies this man scammed worldwide.

13,567 - The number of Madoff's victims.
Funny fact: Even Madoff's lawyer is on the list.

Madoff's List

1. HSBC (A british bank) - over 100 mill.
2. Banko Popolare (Italian bank) - close to 10 mill.
3. Korea's Teacher's Fund - Over 9 mill.
4. New York Law School - $300,000
5. New York University - 24 mill.

598,000 - That's the amount of jobs people lost.
People living in California won't get any tax return this year due to the economy. So the government are going to owe them money in the futer.

The suicide rate for Iraq Veterans are increasing
The government needs to give them the best help out there, seeing what they did for their country.

"This country needs to stop fighting other countries war. America is not the world's army." - Ryan, a U.S. Veteran and also a cast member from The Real World Brooklyn.

Millions of low-income children have health insurance now, thanks to the Stimulus Plan.

The best from the West and East came together. The Lakers (LA), and Celtics (Boston). Lakers won, 110 - 109

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A gym class in the computer lab.

I'm suppose to be in the gym working out. But my gym teacher decided to let us go to the computer lab, and have a guy come in to help us with health related information. Help us search for websites that contains these information. That's not necessary, because that's what google is there for. Haha....Blah,blah,blah. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer. I care but I don't need you trying to 'help' us find information. One of my fellow classmates (she's also a nursing major), told me that starting 2010 the hospitals won't accept any nurse with an Associate degree. That's in New York, I don't know about other states. And for the nurses who are currently working in a hospital, the hospitals are telling them to go back to school to get their Bachelors degree. Bio 23 is so difficult. I spoke to my mom earlier this week crying to her that I can't do it. She's the type of person that's there to build you up. All she said was 'do your best. And if you say it's hard, then it's going to be hard. So just study and get it over with.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kashmar and Michael Phelps. Connection: Weed.

"when mi done bun a spliff, an' mi a drive. everyting look like 3D. A weed mek di
yute swim so fast. Weed mek yuh move fast. "

TRANSLATION: "When I'm done smoking weed, and I start to drive. Everything looks 3D. Weed (marijuanna) made him swim so fast. Weed make you move fast."

Kashmar on the situation with Michael Phelps.

The hater explains why he hate/bitch ass nigga.

Sincurly yours, Riley

19 - (you're older than me......damn.)

Today is my best friend's birthday. Her name is Trish and she just turned 19. Yea!! I thought it was on the 4th.anywho, so when I get home I'm going to call her and wish her a happy birthday. Enjoy your day Trish. P.S. I know you love Sanrio.

Yesterday was a good day because I went to visit my family in Queens. I saw my big head cousin Brando,(it seems as if everytime I see this kid he grows an inch or two.). And I managed to make breakfast for four people including myself. That was really nice. Then we talked about Anatomy and Physiology and how they are talking about homosapiens (us), evolving from monkeys. My Grandmother and Grand-aunt got mad because they didn't say anything about God and his creation of man. I told them that I have to learn all this because they will be testing us on it. Even though this course I'm taking is against my religion, I have to suck it up and go through with it. It's hard as hell. Right now we are talking about the "planetary model". They call it the planetary model because the formation of it is like the Solar System. You have the electrons (e-) acting as the planets, and the atom which is at the center, acting like the sun. And at the center of the atom is the nucleus which is composed of protons(p+) and neutrons(n) -there is suppose to be a degree sign beside the 'n', but I don't know how to do it. For a picture of this model, please click here

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Give the kid a break.

"Michael Phelps just trained his entire life to blow the world away and win eight gold medals. Can the kid hit a bong for a second?"

Remember the whole Kate Moss' situation with her doing Cocaine? If no click this link,

After people saw that picture, the designers and companies started offering her jobs.
It's just cannabis. It's not a stimulant drug. I know it's illegal, but come on. Give him a break. They can't take his medals away, why? Because he's not Marian Jones, he did not take enhancement drug. The most they could do is charge him and ban him from the 2012 olympic in England.

Under the current World Anti-Doping Agency code, cannabis is not considered a banned substance during out-of-competition testing. Athletes face suspension only if they test positive for it at a competition.

Artist to watch this year.

Asher Roth

To see how 'nice' he is. Click here

Bunch of Dumb asses!!

Wallstreet and any large corporations are full of it. The country is in a crisis. Small businesses are going out of businesses. Large businesses like Circuit City, General Motors (GM), and Ford are going bankrupt. It's pretty sad to see where the economy is. A store opened back in November in a shopping area where I live. And now it's closing. Not even three months, and it's closing. People are struggling just to make a living. But yet you have these bunch of dumb asses on wallstreet and big corporations, ( not stating any names), like AIG, giving there bosses bonuses. For what? For ramming the company in the ground? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Oh, the bunuses aren't thousands of dollars, but millions of dollars. The workers are saying that they are giving these bonuses to their bosses because they want to keep them. KEEP THEM? They are incharge of the company and look where it is now. But yet they still want to keep them. OMG, I'm so furious. You have people committing suicide because they can't take care of their family, there home is forclosed, and they lost there jobs. This type of suicide is called Anomic suicide; an imbalance of need, in which that need was unable to be fulfilled. So they think the best way is suicide. But yet you have these people giving away money to the people that ran down their company, (smart move). And on top of that, you have the bosses accepting the money. How selfish can you be.
The funny thing that came out of stories like this is the greatest people in the world. The Exec's for AIG. They used tax-payers money to have a very 'important' meeting at a very expensive hotel, where they enjoyed spas, manicures, and the finest things from the hotel. Oh, and I can't forget what they did. They flew on their private jets to England, and wherever they go. But most importantly, this is how you know that people are dumb. The company is going bankrupt and so they went on their private jets to plead with the government in congress that the Federal government should bail them out. BAIL THEM OUT!?!?! Are you kidding me. They flew in a PRIVATE JET to tell people that they need money. All I can say is WOW.
Mayor bloomberg announced last week that because of the economy they will have to start letting go teachers, thousands of teachers. True story, the only reason I would want to become a teacher is because there jobs are secure, they get pensions, and benefits. But that 's not the case now. People are losing their pensions and jobs. I mean come on, they already started getting rid of people that aren't needed in the schools. For ex: school aides. I personally believe that there can never be enough of two things, Teachers and Nurses. Talking about nurses, I believe this is taking place in Brooklyn or Queens. They are planning on closing 2 HUGE hospitals because of lack of funding. WOW, that's the excuse. LACK OF FUNDING? They're giving me a vibe as if when it comes to people lower than the upper class, we are not important. Close down the hospitals, the schools,(oh, they are already doing it!). This country needs to get our issues together. Like President Obama said, "I't's time for a change, but we have to work together to make that change."