Monday, February 9, 2009

Say it aint so Rihanna and Chris Brown. I'm sad to report that it is.

I was watching Chelsea Lately and it popped up saying 'breaking news'. Chris Brown was arrested and charged with a felony for physically abusing a woman. They say he was in his car with a female. When they said 'a female', my first thought was Rihanna. But then I was like, ' Chris Brown is not that dumb to lay his hand on a woman. His fans are 80% women. what the hell was he thinkin?' So, I went on google and searched, ' chris brown hit Rihanna', and the story came up. TMZ, E! and a few entertainment shows/channels were on the it. Then I started reading people's comments. A few desperate Chris Brown fans were happy. They even went as far as to say she deserved it. Are you serious? WOW, people say the dumbest things. I mean personally I don't like him, I like his music, not him. he's a cocky *coughs*. Anywho, he was arrested, and had to pay a $50,000 bail fee. They should have kept his ass in jail. I don't care who the hell you are. No man have a right to put his hand on a woman. Even if the woman is annoying you, disrespecting you and so on. NO MAN SHOULD PUT THEIR HAND ON A WOMAN.
Rihanna on the other hand. I mean she seems like a cool person. I love her songs and most importantly I love her for coming foward and telling the LAPD that it was Chris Brown that abused her. The police department said that their were visible teeth mark on her hand. What the hell?! Teeth mark? chris brown is a dog. Anyway, I have no respect for this guy now. Won't waste my time listening to his music anymore. Damn woman beater. Your career is over now. How so? Because more than half of your fans are desperate, I mean females.Your career is over and 50 Cent wasn't involved in it. lmao.
Question: What is this story about both artists were in a car accident.
I changed my mind because this story isn't adding up.
I still don't like you chris brown.
I don't believe this story.

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