Thursday, February 5, 2009

A gym class in the computer lab.

I'm suppose to be in the gym working out. But my gym teacher decided to let us go to the computer lab, and have a guy come in to help us with health related information. Help us search for websites that contains these information. That's not necessary, because that's what google is there for. Haha....Blah,blah,blah. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer. I care but I don't need you trying to 'help' us find information. One of my fellow classmates (she's also a nursing major), told me that starting 2010 the hospitals won't accept any nurse with an Associate degree. That's in New York, I don't know about other states. And for the nurses who are currently working in a hospital, the hospitals are telling them to go back to school to get their Bachelors degree. Bio 23 is so difficult. I spoke to my mom earlier this week crying to her that I can't do it. She's the type of person that's there to build you up. All she said was 'do your best. And if you say it's hard, then it's going to be hard. So just study and get it over with.

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