Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

They enjoyed themselves.

We got there around 10:10 in the morning. It got a little late start. When we showed up, the presenters were just putting out their goodies for the kids. They got a goodie bag filled with a whole bunch of comics, a bag and some stickers. I did not know that High School musical have a comic book. That is the most........................................................................................dumbest thing ever. But hey, the kids like it. So it's good. There were workshops, drawing contest. And there was this guy who could draw anything.........................only if you paid him $5. And oh yea. The people that showed up made it good. The artist for Archie Comics, was there. The guy that played one of the characters in Star Wars was there. I'm unable to tell you names because I don't watch Star Wars. And then then the best part. The guy that created Fillmore was there. He told us about what he had to go through. Then he spoke about how Seth McFarlane (the creator of Family Guy I believe), helped him along the way. That was cool. Then we watched a few animation clips he had to make before it went in production. That's all for now folks. And oh yea. I can't remember if this goes for Spiderman or Superman. Two little boys, around Brandon and Dylan's age drew one of them which became one of the most famous character's on earth. I bet they're filthy rich now. To me that's funny because and adult couldn't have thought about something like that. No matter how small they are, kids are very powerful.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comic Con.

Today, I'm taking Dylan and Brandon to Comic Con. Who is Dylan and and Brandon? They are Leonson's baby brothers'. The event will be for the entire day. It starts at 10 (in the morning!!) and ends at 6. OMG!! I should be studying because I have an A&P test on Monday. But hey, I'm taking my notes wherever I go. I really hope they enjoy themselves.
Starting from left: Brandon, Dylan and Leonson.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lil wayne feat. that guy from Degrassi and other artists.

PS. If you really want to do what you're saying you want to do in your song. I have one word for you. AIDS.