Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"We want our America back."-racist white people. The Indians should be saying that.

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Brandon a Christian.

I went to church on Sunday, and spent the entire day there because it was convention. We didn't leave until around 10:00p.m.
This is how my day went.

My brother Michael drove us. But before we reached the church, the best part is how we got there.
We left the house at 11:30a.m. The church is all the way in Queens, and if we were to take the train, It would take us about 2 hours just to get there. So Michael plugged in the address in the GPS. I was in that car for 1 1/2hours. The GPS system took us all the way to Long Island, and kept saying that our route is being recalculated. Stupid GPS!!

So anywho, we arrived at the church, and the pastor was about to start preaching.
Skip to the ending of the service. Someone told me that my cousin was going to be baptized. Come to find out, it was Brandon. I was shocked. Shocked I tell you.
Afternoon service ended after the baptism.
And about three hours later, we all came back to church for the night service.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

China Town, SoHo, Little Italy.

Yesterday I went to SoHo, China Town and Little Italy with Gaylia and Leonson. I had fun. Gaylia and I were looking for bargains. And when we were about to give up, we found it. But before we found it, we checked out couple stores in Soho. For ex: the Guess Store. I fell in love with the bracelets and chains they were selling. Then we went to Victoria's Secret. Why do they call it that, Victoria's Secret? They call it that because the secret is, Victoria is really a man name Victor. Anywho, we went in that store, and I was about to purchase that new PINK Vegan lotion product. It made my hands feel extremely soft, and I loved it. But Leonson, he says I have a lot. Doesn't he understand that as a female we can't continue to use the same thing over and over again.You have lotions with a lot of scents.........Anywho, I'll buy that at a later date. But instead I bought two cashmere and silk winter scarfs. Black and brown. I absolutely love them. Thank you Leonson.
Back to the Bargain. Our main goal to go to China Town was to find a purse that I might like. well I'm sorry to say that that never happened. But I did buy a neat bracelet, and two watches. That's about it. We reached China Town at around 1:15, and didn't leave until 5:15. We were close to home and decided to do a little more looking and shopping. I went into a retail store to look at what they had to offer, and came back out with 2 pair of jeans. I have to return 1 of them today, because they are way to tight, and I don't like my jeans like that.
Couple minutes later I got home, and checked the package room to see if my ELF products arrived. And not to my surprise, it did. We took the elevator upstairs, went straight in my room, and started sorting out the things. I don't wear make-up. So what I bought were over 2 dozen lip products. Lip tins, SPF lip gloss, therapeutic lip balm etc.
So that was how I spent my day yesterday.
I'm about to go make breakfast, and call Leonson to come get me.
So until then, later, and enjoy your day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feeding the seagulls.

Beach Videos.

Buried in the sand alive

Beach pictures.

The Beach.

So on Friday two of my best friends and I went to the beach all the way in Queens. It took us about 2 hours just to get there. But it was woth it. We all had fun and ate the day away.
And, I tasted Dr.Pepper for the first time. And it was pretty good. It wasn't harsh like Pepsi, and Coca Cola. It was smooth and nice.
So, we got to the beach at exactly 12:00. It was a warm and sunny day. So I thought the water would feel nice. I was wrong. It was chilli. But the higher the water got, the better it felt.
Trish was mostly on shore, in search of sea shells. we found a lot. Correction, she found a lot. While she was looking for shells, william was trying to teach me how to swim. First, he told me that I had to dive. As in use my hands, and jump in. I was so freaked out, because we had o go further than normal, because he didn't want me to hit my head on the floor.
Yea, so me diving, that never happened. Because of the huge waves that tried to attack me.
So, after I continually tried to make an effort to learn how to dive and swim, I eventually gave up.
So we all went back on the sand to relax and eat. They brought food and soda. Food in which Trish made that tasted good. When we were done eating, we had to wait a hour before we went back inthe water. So we buried each other, and layed on the towel, and got daarker (since we were already dark). Couple hours later, we played volleyball on the boardwalk and then walked it, for about a hour or more. Most importantly, we took a lot of pictures. Pictures of ourselves, or the environment itself. It was so beautiful. Wish Leonson would have been there though.

9.58 seconds.

That's the time Usain Bolt ran today in Berlin. He broke his previous record, which was 9.76 sec.This guy is on another level on his own.
The 100m consisted of 2 Jamaicans, 2 Americans, 2 Trinidadian and one antiguan. The caribbean dominated this event.
1st place: Usain Bolt (JA)
2nd place: Tyson Gaye (USA)
3rd place: Asafa Powell (JA)

It was a really good race. We all enjoyed it so much I had to record it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 Years.

Today is me and Leonson's 2nd anniversary. It's seems as if we've been together longer than that because of the ups and downs we had over the past couple months.
All I have to say is I love him so very much. I know he knows that already.
But anyway, I really hope we can both put the past behind us. Because I'm tired of what happened last night.
*Happy Anniversary to us my love.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ashley, my killer turtle.

My bicycle.

I bought it back in January.

One word: Vintage

It's a cruiser.

Let me introduce you to..............

Ashley. My turtle. She's so small and cute. But don't let that fool you. She's a killer. A born killer.

Chelsea Lately

Dog: Oh shit, a Korean. I would rather hang out with Michael Vick for the day.

Dog: (to Chuy), Look at this freeloader. Oh wow, a fat Mexican. Someone call border control.

Dog (to one of the workers): That's Sarah.
Sarah: Come here doggy.
Dog: I already have fleas, I don't want crabs.


Bored out of my mind. I've been downloading music, and real soon I'm about to get sick and tired of it. I've also been arranging my ipod, which isn't that much fun. So, I'm going to watch Twilight for the 4th time after I'm done arranging my music. leonson was suppose to be here by now, but knowing him, he's probably still sleeping. So I'm going to go and watch Twilight, and wait for him (Leonson), to call.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh wow.

Crap. I was unaware that Tom Jones was Welsh.

Peace and War.

An Iraqi soldier gestures peace towards the camera, and right beside him you see a bullet hole in his van. "It's kinda sad and funny."

Please end the war.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No (black) kids allowed in a pool club in Philly.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.

Fox Anchor: Americans Marry "Ethnics" and Other "Species"

Click here to watch the clip.
PURE according to Fox anchors are people who are ALL white,(no other race applied.)
We are all the same species asshole.

Freedom of Speech?

I'm unable to post the video on my blog because of blogger. So if you want to watch it, click here.

Video description: A lady post a sign on her house saying, "No Hispanics Allowed."
She said she doesn't care if it offends anyone, because she is getting her thoughts out. She doesn't like hispanics because they come here illegally,(generalization don't you think.) And the police department and politicians of that town cannot do anything, because they say it's freedom of speech.
Wow. This is something else. Why do people promote such hate?

Monday, August 10, 2009

The TO show.

"I'm sorry for Windows Vista, it's not the operating system I thought it would be"- TO (NFL player.)

My second poladroid picture.

This one is of me, my mom and aunt. Love it.

My first poladroid picture.

I'm so excited. It took awhile to come clear though. The head did not come out, so I tried doing another one to see if it was that picture, or that's how all of them are.

This is Leonson, (polaroid format).

Jamaicans. 'Let's dance until the roof comes down.'(literally).

When someone ask me where I'm from, and I tell them Jamaica. The first thing they would say is, "well, you don't look Jamaican", or "that means you can dance." That's right, we are known for dancing. In America they have the latest shoes, in Jamaica we have the latest dance.
I got up this morning, cleaned, and went on my computer and read The Gleaner (one of Jamaica's newspaper). The top story today was, "'Dream' nightmare - Roof collapses, clubbers injured as party gets too wild in Jungle." To read the full story, clck here

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top 5: F^@% you.

1. Fox - For being an ALL republican network,(had to get that out there.Haha.) Not just that, but for being racist and still having their network promote such........such...........crap. People need to come to an agreement and stop supporting this 'network'. It's full of shit, because that is all they talk about. Their conversations are not appealing, or educational in any way. The only time I watch this shit-hole-of-a-channel is when TMZ is on.

2. McDonald's - for making advertisement towards black people.
Lately their advertisements have been directed to the black community. What is up with the whole R&B, black man playing piano, and black people laughing it up in a look-a-like Def Poetry Jam room.

3. Cops - For writing up a ticket for a couple hundred dollars, when someone only hops the bus. It happened to other people, not me personally. Plus, the MTA is terrible, (so that should be a good enough reason to let them hop it).... this leads to my next one.

4. MTA - For raising the fare, and allowing your workers to sleep on the job, and not increasing their service..........(and the list goes on)........... MTA, you suck. At least fix the stations, and not only the ones in Manhattan. There are other boroughs that need it.

5. People that annoy me...........I'm easily annoyed. I might keep it inside, but if you continue pressing all the wrong buttons, I'm like a time bomb ready to explode. tick, tock. BOOM!!

A night doing grocery......(leads to)......5 dead bodies.

On Friday night, my father and I went to the supermarket, and on our way back, we saw a bunch of cops, and a couple of them on sea. It was kinda scary because they blocked off half of the lane. My father said they probably found a body or some drug deal gone bad happened. So, we continued on our journey home, remembering what had just happened. My father immediately went on the Internet to see what happened. He found nothing. Then Saturday morning came, and we found out that a helicopter and a small plane collided. It continued to get worse. They found 5 bodies from the incident. I should have brought the camera and took a couple of pictures..........

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Illegalize Marijuana - weed, ganja.

I don't categorize marijuana as a drug. It has been legal in certain states and even countries (Amsterdam). And earlier this summer, the government was debating on whether to legalize it. I was up for it. Because in my head it is not considered a drug like crack cocaine, meth or even heroine. But I was worried about people out there who would abuse this herb. My point was proven this morning.
I remember hearing about a lady who was driving on the wrong side of the freeway, with a bunch of kids in the van. She called her husband saying she felt disoriented, and her vision was blurry. I thought it was health related,(she probably took a few pills, and had a negative reaction towards them.) Sorry to say, they all perished in a car crash, along with one, or a few other cars.
I got up and started watching GMA (Good Morning America), and they were saying that this woman was drunk, 2x the legal limit, and was high off marijuana. Again, that was so careless on her part.
Illegalize marijuana.