Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top 5: F^@% you.

1. Fox - For being an ALL republican network,(had to get that out there.Haha.) Not just that, but for being racist and still having their network promote such........such...........crap. People need to come to an agreement and stop supporting this 'network'. It's full of shit, because that is all they talk about. Their conversations are not appealing, or educational in any way. The only time I watch this shit-hole-of-a-channel is when TMZ is on.

2. McDonald's - for making advertisement towards black people.
Lately their advertisements have been directed to the black community. What is up with the whole R&B, black man playing piano, and black people laughing it up in a look-a-like Def Poetry Jam room.

3. Cops - For writing up a ticket for a couple hundred dollars, when someone only hops the bus. It happened to other people, not me personally. Plus, the MTA is terrible, (so that should be a good enough reason to let them hop it).... this leads to my next one.

4. MTA - For raising the fare, and allowing your workers to sleep on the job, and not increasing their service..........(and the list goes on)........... MTA, you suck. At least fix the stations, and not only the ones in Manhattan. There are other boroughs that need it.

5. People that annoy me...........I'm easily annoyed. I might keep it inside, but if you continue pressing all the wrong buttons, I'm like a time bomb ready to explode. tick, tock. BOOM!!

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