Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beach.

So on Friday two of my best friends and I went to the beach all the way in Queens. It took us about 2 hours just to get there. But it was woth it. We all had fun and ate the day away.
And, I tasted Dr.Pepper for the first time. And it was pretty good. It wasn't harsh like Pepsi, and Coca Cola. It was smooth and nice.
So, we got to the beach at exactly 12:00. It was a warm and sunny day. So I thought the water would feel nice. I was wrong. It was chilli. But the higher the water got, the better it felt.
Trish was mostly on shore, in search of sea shells. we found a lot. Correction, she found a lot. While she was looking for shells, william was trying to teach me how to swim. First, he told me that I had to dive. As in use my hands, and jump in. I was so freaked out, because we had o go further than normal, because he didn't want me to hit my head on the floor.
Yea, so me diving, that never happened. Because of the huge waves that tried to attack me.
So, after I continually tried to make an effort to learn how to dive and swim, I eventually gave up.
So we all went back on the sand to relax and eat. They brought food and soda. Food in which Trish made that tasted good. When we were done eating, we had to wait a hour before we went back inthe water. So we buried each other, and layed on the towel, and got daarker (since we were already dark). Couple hours later, we played volleyball on the boardwalk and then walked it, for about a hour or more. Most importantly, we took a lot of pictures. Pictures of ourselves, or the environment itself. It was so beautiful. Wish Leonson would have been there though.

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