Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Illegalize Marijuana - weed, ganja.

I don't categorize marijuana as a drug. It has been legal in certain states and even countries (Amsterdam). And earlier this summer, the government was debating on whether to legalize it. I was up for it. Because in my head it is not considered a drug like crack cocaine, meth or even heroine. But I was worried about people out there who would abuse this herb. My point was proven this morning.
I remember hearing about a lady who was driving on the wrong side of the freeway, with a bunch of kids in the van. She called her husband saying she felt disoriented, and her vision was blurry. I thought it was health related,(she probably took a few pills, and had a negative reaction towards them.) Sorry to say, they all perished in a car crash, along with one, or a few other cars.
I got up and started watching GMA (Good Morning America), and they were saying that this woman was drunk, 2x the legal limit, and was high off marijuana. Again, that was so careless on her part.
Illegalize marijuana.

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