Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Bbq.

Yesterday I went to a family BBQ. My aunt, and her 2 daughter's put on the event. It was alright I guess. I had fun though, because Ary, Kerri, and Brandon (my cousins) were there. We laughed and ate the entire day away.
I was talking to my aunt in Jamaica, telling her how she and my cousins should be there. While I was talking to her, my other aunt came and took a piece of my potato pudding in which my grandaunt baked. Then couple minutes later, Brandon came and took the entire thing from my plate and ate it..... I was about to teach him a lesson. Meaning, I was going to whoop that ass (jk). I was enjoying my pudding. It put me at ease, and it made me feel good. Yes, a pudding did all that. I think I had about 3 or 4 slices. So him doing that, made me stop eating more of it. But seriously though, I have to spend a day or two at their house so my grandaunt can teach me how to bake it.

My mom, Aunt Dar (NEW aunt), and myself were in the kitchen. And my mom asked her if she knows how to bake. She said 'no', and added, "why should I learn how to bake, when everybody else knows how to?" In my case,I should say,"why should I learn how to cook, when everyone else knows how to?". Ha ha.

I'll post pictures of the event later. Got to go and make breakfast and dinner for the entire family. Until then, later.

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