Thursday, August 20, 2009

China Town, SoHo, Little Italy.

Yesterday I went to SoHo, China Town and Little Italy with Gaylia and Leonson. I had fun. Gaylia and I were looking for bargains. And when we were about to give up, we found it. But before we found it, we checked out couple stores in Soho. For ex: the Guess Store. I fell in love with the bracelets and chains they were selling. Then we went to Victoria's Secret. Why do they call it that, Victoria's Secret? They call it that because the secret is, Victoria is really a man name Victor. Anywho, we went in that store, and I was about to purchase that new PINK Vegan lotion product. It made my hands feel extremely soft, and I loved it. But Leonson, he says I have a lot. Doesn't he understand that as a female we can't continue to use the same thing over and over again.You have lotions with a lot of scents.........Anywho, I'll buy that at a later date. But instead I bought two cashmere and silk winter scarfs. Black and brown. I absolutely love them. Thank you Leonson.
Back to the Bargain. Our main goal to go to China Town was to find a purse that I might like. well I'm sorry to say that that never happened. But I did buy a neat bracelet, and two watches. That's about it. We reached China Town at around 1:15, and didn't leave until 5:15. We were close to home and decided to do a little more looking and shopping. I went into a retail store to look at what they had to offer, and came back out with 2 pair of jeans. I have to return 1 of them today, because they are way to tight, and I don't like my jeans like that.
Couple minutes later I got home, and checked the package room to see if my ELF products arrived. And not to my surprise, it did. We took the elevator upstairs, went straight in my room, and started sorting out the things. I don't wear make-up. So what I bought were over 2 dozen lip products. Lip tins, SPF lip gloss, therapeutic lip balm etc.
So that was how I spent my day yesterday.
I'm about to go make breakfast, and call Leonson to come get me.
So until then, later, and enjoy your day.

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