Sunday, November 29, 2009

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

That's what I'm currently watching. And to hear the stories of these individuals touched me. Tears almost came to my eyes.
One person alone, is trying to change how this world operates, and so far, they are doing a good job at it.
Heroes of the year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drug dealers love Twilight.

Because of this scene from the movie Twilight. In New York, law enforcement busted a group of individuals, and they(the cops),were shocked, shocked I tell you, at what they saw. The drug dealers who were busted, were selling heroin and packed it in mini Twilight bags. They had the faces of the characters on them also. Majority of them were of Edward though.

What is this world coming to?

I have to ask myself that question over and over again whenever I read Bulls#!t like this in the morning newspaper.

Wierd song I'm loving at the moment.

It's not the norm. But for some strange reason I like it.
Leonson and I were watching t.v. the other day. Then it came on, and he got the remote and changed it. I told him to please put it back because I like it. He just looked at me with this 'are you serious right now' face. He wished I was, but I wasn't.
I asked my brother just now to listen to it. He listened to it for about 45 seconds, and all he had to say was, "that's whack." He then insisted on taking my picture on his new phone. News flash Michael, I don't enjoy being IN pictures. I only enjoy taking them.
The Dead Weather - I Cut Like A Buffallo.
In the playlist below, their is the original video, and them performing live.

Music Playlist at

My father, sexist?

Pasta anyone?

I was around my computer looking at recipes on how to make pasta. Then I totally forgot about it, and started talking to Leonson. 15 minutes later, my father came in my room asking me why I'm not making dinner. I was about to call him sexist, and give him examples on how guys like him worsen our society. Blah, blah, blah. I mean I was upset, because my brother is home, so why did he tell me to go in the kitchen and make dinner. I totally forgot that I promisedd him that I would make dinner.He didn't even eat anything, because he was waiting for me.
Haha, my bad.
So yea, I made pasta. I chopped up 3 pegs of garlic, and added a bottle of pasta sauce, and a few meat kind. Last but not least, I added Cayenne pepper. I add this to everything except fried eggs.
The good news: It tasted SO good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon.

This movie got so many press, it was ridiculous. I read the book, and I was somewhat disappointed when it came to certain situations in the movie. It could have been better.
Now I'll be purchasing the book Eclipse real soon, because the movie to it is coming out next summer. The books are way better than the movie. I mean seriously, how can they eliminate key points from the book. The newspaper AM New York gave the movie 1 1/2 stars. So according to them it flopped. This movie sold so many tickets over the weekend. But that doesn't mean it was great.
All I'm saying is, it wasn't that good, and I expected more. But now I have to wait until the next installment, Eclipse.

Fact #4

The opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins
is the Seven Heavenly Virtues -
chastity, temperance, charity, diligence,
patience, kindness, and humility.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Lopez.

Last week Monday Lopez Tonight made its debut. I just thought you should know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taylor Swift fea. T-Pain - Thug Story.

Thug Story music video.

Taylor:what,I knit sweaters yo, so don't test me *bleep*. Hey hold on, hold on,I didn't even say anything, and you bleeped me. I didn't even swear.
T-pain (with auto-tune): She didn't even swear.

That was the highlight of the video.

His drug of choice was cocaine

Leonson and I were at the train station, waiting in line to buy a metro-card. When suddenly, a guy in front of me was fidgeting in his pants pocket, and what fell out? 2 bags of cocaiine. You know those small weed bags? That's what I call it.
This is it.

Anywho, 2 bags of this fell out his pocket. One was filled, and the other had about a quarter left. When I first saw it, the first thing I did was stepped back 2 feet. Then I looked at Leonson. He was just as shocked as I was. I couldn't believe my eyes. At that time, I was scared, upset, and annoyed at the whole situation. That was the first time in my entire life that I've seen a drug other than weed/marijuana. I don't even consider weed a drug. Because there are things worse than weed, and it's legal. So weed for me is nothing. Yes, I'm black, and I'm Jamaican, but I don't smoke weed. An ignorant friend of mine said that all Jamaicans smoke weed. And I know a lot of people think that way. Jamaica is not like Amsterdam, it's illegal. I mean the law isn't that strict about. I remember the police raided a house couple doors down, and found weed, and left. They didn't report back to the station or anything. They took that stuff for themselves. And the government expect the people to listen to them..........when their people isn't.

I miss Jamaica.

I was on youtube watching a few videos. At first I started watching Kirk Franklin videos. Then I saw a video clip of him in concert in Jamaica. Then at the sidebar I saw a video that said, 'violoence in Jamaica, Jamaica's most wanted.' I watched it, and remembered what it was like. Anybody from Jamaica would remember Joel Andem. This was before 2003. I mean this guy was a sick and twisted individual. And he had a group of followers that called themselves The Andem Warriors. I mean this guy and his people were in the hills, killing people. And I would never forget the raw video footages the police got a hold of from them. I mean these people were slaughtering cows. This one guy choked the cow, and slit its throat with a machete. How mentally ill must you be to find that pleasing? That was some sick shit. And I mean people were scared to go up to those hills.

Enough about the bad.
More about the good.

After watching that , I saw a video titled Downtown Kingston Part II. Basically it's a video tour of downtown kingston Jamaica.
While the guy was recording, and his music was playing, I noticed that I was listing every store that would show up. I remembered this photo place, then the next thing that came to me was Tastees (a patty restaurant in Jamaica.) Then I started remembering eating cheese patty, cocoa bread, and a bottle of Ting grapefruit. Those were the days. Nobody could beat Tastees patty. And I mean, me just sitting there watching that video. I realized that I took advantage of it. I miss my home so much. I miss my family, and the food. I miss my aunts, my cousins. I miss going to Coronation Market. Oh my, I'm going way back with this one. I remember my parents waking us up at 5 in the morning, to reach the market by 5:30 am. Those were the days. It's been close to 3 years since I haven't visited. And on my next visit, I want Leonson to come with me. He says he's Jamaican, (but really) he isn't. He was born there, but he doesn't know anywhere there. So my goal is to show him around. Not just Kingston, but the other parishes also. My favorite parishes are Trelawny and St. Ann. Trelawny, because my God-mother took us to the country, and for the time that we were there, we had nothing but Jamaican Jelly. And St. Ann because of my favorite beach, Dunn's River Falls. It's sad to say that the last time I've been there was back in 2004. Sad, I know.
Jamaica - Only the best is good enough.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congratulations to Edelle and Kashmar.

Edelle gave birth to a 7lb 12oz baby girl at 1:50 something this evening. Couple hours later Kashmar sent me a picture of the newborn. She is so adorable, with a little beanie on hew head. Everything sounds good, because I could hear her crying in the background. Edelle and baby Kashaya is doing well. And Kashmar, he's ecstatic.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wierd Dream this morning.

I dreamt that I was involved with NASA. I don't like anything involving space, and personally I think the government is wasting a lot of money on it. I'm not talking about couple thousand dollars here, but millions, or even billions of dollars. I don't see why they want to find out if there is life on other planets.............................

Anywho, in my dream, NASA came to me, and told me that they needed me. So I told them that I would think about it. I thought they wanted me to go outer space to view everything. I told them I would do it, and they set the day and time I would depart. On the day of my departure, my mom asked me if I really wanted to do it. I told her yes. Then she asked me if I'm OK with walking on me the moon. I was shocked, and pissed, because nobody told me that I would be walking on the damn moon. I have no interest whatsoever. But it was already too late. I was going take off in less than 30 minutes. So I did what I knew best; I hid. Nobody could find me, and I heard them say the mission was off. Then a few minutes later, my brother found me. I bribed him, but he wouldn't budge. Eventually I had to go, because they said I signed a contract. And that was it. I woke up when I was in the space shuttle about to take off.

I got up to check my mail, and this is what google had.

Click on the picture, and see what comes up.

Hmm, wierd uh?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In College News.

I'm so happy. I just got an admission letter from one of the schools of my choice. And I'm happy to say that I got accepted. When I was applying, I could only choose 3. because only 3 schools carried my major. One was all the way in Brooklyn. It's the best out of the three. But let's be honest. That commute to Brooklyn, on a train. That is way too much. I'll get sick of it, within a month. And the other was in Manhattan. I mean it's well-known for its sciences, but they are the type to only accept half of your credit. So I'm very happy that I got accepted to this school. I mean it's so close to home. that's the best part. I don't understand why as soon as teens graduate from school they want to go away for college. I was never that type. If that happened, I would have been a mediocre student. I wouldn't be able to reach the expectations my loved ones made for me.

In Basketball News.

Miami Heats and the Cleveland Cavaliers played tonight. It must have been awkward for Shaq and Wade. It was funny to see them go against each other. But at the same time, Shaq and LeBron do make a good team. You have an excellent 3 point shooter, and a dunker. That could never go wrong, 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter, and they keep going to commercial.
Oh wow, Jermaine O'Neil got traded to the Heats, I did not know that. It's been quiet awhile since I sit down and watch the games back to back. Cavaliers won, 111, and the Heats lost, 104.

P.S. Lakers and Phoenix is playing now. Oh yea, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant is going at it.
Lakers is leading by 6 so far. Hope they keep it up.

I forgot to blog about this.

Approximately 9:00p.m. two nights ago, The DC Sniper (John Allen Muhammad), was executed by lethal injection. It was back in late 2002 in Washington, where he and his son did this terrible act. I know what they did was wrong. I mean who are they to take people lives. And for the government to come to a conclusion for him to die by lethal injection, they are just as bad. I believe that if you do a crime, you should do the time. And execution is only an escape. They should have made him suffer in jail, just like his son.

I forgot to mention that they gave him a choice. Meaning he had to pick how he wanted to die. The two were, lethal injection or electrocution. He declined to choose, so under state law, the method defaults to lethal injection.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day.

Today is Veteran's day, and I went to school. Yep, school. CUNY celebrates Columbus Day, but not Veteran's Day. Wow, no regards for it whatsoever. I've been thinking about the war since yesterday. This war has been going on before I even came here to live. It's been over six years now, but yet it's still happenning. Soldiers are still fighting, more are being sent overseess. I really don't understand why this is still going on. You know what I would like to see? I would like to see the government children go to war and fight for their country. They're sending other parents' children to war, why not send yours.
The soldiers have been fighting for so long, that they don't even remember what they're fighting for.
The saddest part is when their time is up. They return to their home dead, or have some sort of psychological problem.
This war needs to end very soon. It has taken enough innocent lives already.
About last year this time, my school had a showcase. The showcase was about the war, the soldiers and the Iraqi civilians. When I entered the showcase, all I saw was shoes. Deceased children, parents and soldiers shoes. The thing that nearly got me teary-eyed was seeing the majority of baby shoes. Along with each shoes, came information on what took place. One of the information I kept on reading was,.....................................
how the child was playing, and saw something that looked like a toy, and therefore he/she picked it up. Not realizing that it was a bomb.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood, Texas.

"The killer will be met with justice, in this world and the next"- President Barack Obama, Fort Hood.

.........and the next, meaning judgement day.
I was watching the ceremony with my mom, and to see the faces of the attendees; that was a sad moment. This guy killed 13 people, ranging from 19-65 years old.
Among the 13 was a lady who was pregnant.
Obama spoke abut every single one of these individuals. What they did, why they did it, and so forth.
R.I.P. to the soldiers that didn't make it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I forgot mention that the Yankees won the World Series. I don't really care for it at all. But since I'm living in the middle of it,(The Bronx), I had to say it.

"Go Yankees, yay" *yawns*

How to make Beet Lip gloss.

I was checking my e-mail, and I saw an ingredient from Ideal bite New York Bite. Basically it's a website, that encourages you to do things the green way.
So in the e-mail there was an ingredient on how to make your own lip gloss.
I mean I made my own lip gloss about two summers ago. It was chocolate, and it came out good. And yes I did use it, and it tasted so good.
Anywho, their main ingredient was Beet. Who would of thought? And the good part is, it will give your lips a tint. Think about it. Instead of buying lip gloss, containing ALL those chemicals. You could make your own, and your helping the earth by doing it. Here are the ingredients, along with the directions.

Beet Lip Gloss.

Beet Lip Gloss 10 minutes; makes 1/2 ounce What You Need:(local and organic whenever possible)
1 beet (light-colored red beets yield a red shade; darker ones get you a Merlot color)
3 drops olive oil
2 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 capsule of vitamin E oil
Repurposed lip gloss container or pillbox
Directions: 1. Remove beet from stem, wash, and chop into 1-inch pieces.2. Place chopped beet in microwave-safe container and heat on high for 1 minute until it releases juice.3. Pour beet juice and the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl and mix thoroughly (add sugar by the teaspoon until it reaches your desired thickness).4. Empty the finished blend into a small jar, preferably a repurposed lip gloss container. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours to thicken, then apply as you like. It'll keep for 6-8 months.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another 4 years..........

of Bloomberg. I'm not stoked or anything. I mean he DID mess up the school system. But he did some good. For me, one good thing he did was trying to make New York a greener city by planting more trees, and limiting cars to drive certain areas. And extending bike lanes.
After his victory, he made a victory speech. I should have recorded everything he said. He made so many promises for the people of this city. I hope he really comes through with it.

So here's to you Mr. Mike Bloomberg, another 4 years.

Daylight Savings Time.

Over the weekend we had to set our clocks one hour back. I was unaware, and was watching Mission Impossible III. But then I checked the time, and 45 minutes went by. I knew I watched more than half of it, but it was telling me that it's been on showing for 45 minutes. I knew something was wrong, so I started to look at the other clocks in my house. Then I came to the conclusion that the cable box is messed up..........again. So I went to up Sunday morning, and found out that it was DST.
Where did this come from? The whole idea of setting the clock 1 hour back.............
Well, that's one thing I learned from college Modern World History.
it all started during the World War. I believe it was the 1st World War. Anywho......the American soldiers wanted more sunlight to plan their attack on the enemy, so they decided to change stuff up.................................................They changed the time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The dog did it.

A dog managed to turn on his owner's Xbox, and purchased something from the online store, which came up to $60.

Baby Shower.

Today is Kashmar and Edelle's baby shower.