Thursday, November 19, 2009

I miss Jamaica.

I was on youtube watching a few videos. At first I started watching Kirk Franklin videos. Then I saw a video clip of him in concert in Jamaica. Then at the sidebar I saw a video that said, 'violoence in Jamaica, Jamaica's most wanted.' I watched it, and remembered what it was like. Anybody from Jamaica would remember Joel Andem. This was before 2003. I mean this guy was a sick and twisted individual. And he had a group of followers that called themselves The Andem Warriors. I mean this guy and his people were in the hills, killing people. And I would never forget the raw video footages the police got a hold of from them. I mean these people were slaughtering cows. This one guy choked the cow, and slit its throat with a machete. How mentally ill must you be to find that pleasing? That was some sick shit. And I mean people were scared to go up to those hills.

Enough about the bad.
More about the good.

After watching that , I saw a video titled Downtown Kingston Part II. Basically it's a video tour of downtown kingston Jamaica.
While the guy was recording, and his music was playing, I noticed that I was listing every store that would show up. I remembered this photo place, then the next thing that came to me was Tastees (a patty restaurant in Jamaica.) Then I started remembering eating cheese patty, cocoa bread, and a bottle of Ting grapefruit. Those were the days. Nobody could beat Tastees patty. And I mean, me just sitting there watching that video. I realized that I took advantage of it. I miss my home so much. I miss my family, and the food. I miss my aunts, my cousins. I miss going to Coronation Market. Oh my, I'm going way back with this one. I remember my parents waking us up at 5 in the morning, to reach the market by 5:30 am. Those were the days. It's been close to 3 years since I haven't visited. And on my next visit, I want Leonson to come with me. He says he's Jamaican, (but really) he isn't. He was born there, but he doesn't know anywhere there. So my goal is to show him around. Not just Kingston, but the other parishes also. My favorite parishes are Trelawny and St. Ann. Trelawny, because my God-mother took us to the country, and for the time that we were there, we had nothing but Jamaican Jelly. And St. Ann because of my favorite beach, Dunn's River Falls. It's sad to say that the last time I've been there was back in 2004. Sad, I know.
Jamaica - Only the best is good enough.

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