Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day.

Today is Veteran's day, and I went to school. Yep, school. CUNY celebrates Columbus Day, but not Veteran's Day. Wow, no regards for it whatsoever. I've been thinking about the war since yesterday. This war has been going on before I even came here to live. It's been over six years now, but yet it's still happenning. Soldiers are still fighting, more are being sent overseess. I really don't understand why this is still going on. You know what I would like to see? I would like to see the government children go to war and fight for their country. They're sending other parents' children to war, why not send yours.
The soldiers have been fighting for so long, that they don't even remember what they're fighting for.
The saddest part is when their time is up. They return to their home dead, or have some sort of psychological problem.
This war needs to end very soon. It has taken enough innocent lives already.
About last year this time, my school had a showcase. The showcase was about the war, the soldiers and the Iraqi civilians. When I entered the showcase, all I saw was shoes. Deceased children, parents and soldiers shoes. The thing that nearly got me teary-eyed was seeing the majority of baby shoes. Along with each shoes, came information on what took place. One of the information I kept on reading was,.....................................
how the child was playing, and saw something that looked like a toy, and therefore he/she picked it up. Not realizing that it was a bomb.

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