Thursday, November 12, 2009

In College News.

I'm so happy. I just got an admission letter from one of the schools of my choice. And I'm happy to say that I got accepted. When I was applying, I could only choose 3. because only 3 schools carried my major. One was all the way in Brooklyn. It's the best out of the three. But let's be honest. That commute to Brooklyn, on a train. That is way too much. I'll get sick of it, within a month. And the other was in Manhattan. I mean it's well-known for its sciences, but they are the type to only accept half of your credit. So I'm very happy that I got accepted to this school. I mean it's so close to home. that's the best part. I don't understand why as soon as teens graduate from school they want to go away for college. I was never that type. If that happened, I would have been a mediocre student. I wouldn't be able to reach the expectations my loved ones made for me.

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