Monday, February 9, 2009

President Obama's News Conference/ 50 Cent and Rick Ross 'beef'.

He wants to put money in the consumer's pocket, build proper schools for the students and teachers. Even though his Stimulus Plan is worth billions of dollars, he is doing that to try and stabilize the economy. That means, he is trying not to let more people go on food stamps and any other benefits out there. Why? Because the more people are on food stamps, the more money the federal government hasd to fork out....

I'm on Youtube right now listening/watching the whole 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef. It's somewhat funny. 50 is always the one starting shit with people. First Ja Rule, The inc Family (Murder Inc.), The Game, Young Buck and now Rick Ross. Personally I don't like Rick Ross, even before people found out that that he was a corrections officer. lmao. Even Game is favoring with 50 Cent. I hope 50 ends his career like he said he will. "....... trying on fur coats to Stevie Wonder."lmao. To listen to the interview with The Game click here To see what they are talking about. 50 Cent carried Rick Ross' baby mother, and her friend shopping. That video is messed up, (the things she said about him.) "High class whores......" here is the interview with 50 Cent and his baby mother. LMAO. I have a list of nigger who's careers I'm going to mess up..." 50 is good at that. Here is the link for Rick Ross' baby mother and 50 Cent talking crap about the black santa Clause (Rick Ross). Interview

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