Friday, February 6, 2009

A summary of what took place this week.

Last night I found out that Michael Phelps was suspended. Not from the 2012 olympics, but for any event coming up in the next 3 months. The American swimming association said that 'Michael Phelps disappointed them and the people that look up to him.' And Kellogs won't be renewing his contract. They say it's not good for the company. They can't have a weed-head representing their brand. They didn't exactly say it in that exact way. But you know what I mean. Speedo, they make those swimming tights. They have sense; they realized that even though he did something like this, he's still worth a lot. So they are staying with him. They should make a custom made suit for him. I'm thinking the background should be black, with green leaves all over Seriously they should. What else came in the news this week?

Oh, that lady that had the 8 babies, she needs some serious help. I think overall she has 14 kids. That's crazy. Before she had the 8, she and her mom were fighting to take care of them. Now she went ahead and got injected semen and now popped out 8 kids. Now she wants to write a book, or something to that nature. And she's expecting couple million dollars for it. This lady is funny and her mom's house is on the verge of forclosure. Nice move lady. Lady, you have a long way to go and a lot of things to do if you don't want Child Services to come in.

Foxy Brown signed to Akon's label? Don't care, next topic.

President Obama's stimulus plan went through.
President Obama told the country that he "failed". Hey, atleast he tells the truth, unlike Bush. But seriously, it's your first couple weeks as president, you have 348 days left. By the way, what is up with the people he are picking for his admistration. They turned down his request for this guy (I forgot his name), because he didn't pay his tax, or he had a history of not paying his taxes or medical bills. And now he picked a woman, and she also has a history of not paying. Wow.

The well-educated people on Wall Street.

Even though the country is in this economic crisis. People are loosing their jobs, can't afford the smallest things, can't pay their bills, can't take care of their kids, killing themselves or/and their family. People are doing a whole lot of shit and it's crazy. Bt yet you have the fine people on wallstreet that are paying their bosses 2 million a year. WOW!!!! 2 million a year. Aint that some shit. So anywho, Obama, I mean President Obama realized that it's wrong and stepped in. So now he put a limit. The maximum of 500,000 a year. So now you have a couple dumb-asses who are mad that the president stepped in. They say it not 'democratic'. Oh well....

Other companies; Panasonic and Best Bu yare laying off a lot of their workers. A LOT.

Did Selma Hyak really breast feed a baby (not her own), in Africa? I was watching the news, but I was kinda dozing off (that's what the news do to me).

Rod Blagojevich is a joke. (the governor of Illionois). The guy that was trying to sell Obama's senate seat.

Bernard Madoff -The scam artist that scammed a lot of people. He is on house arrest in his multi-million dollar penthouse. His ass should be in prison. People invested everything in his 'company', their entire life savings, their children's college funds and trust funds.
Here are a couple people and companies this man scammed worldwide.

13,567 - The number of Madoff's victims.
Funny fact: Even Madoff's lawyer is on the list.

Madoff's List

1. HSBC (A british bank) - over 100 mill.
2. Banko Popolare (Italian bank) - close to 10 mill.
3. Korea's Teacher's Fund - Over 9 mill.
4. New York Law School - $300,000
5. New York University - 24 mill.

598,000 - That's the amount of jobs people lost.
People living in California won't get any tax return this year due to the economy. So the government are going to owe them money in the futer.

The suicide rate for Iraq Veterans are increasing
The government needs to give them the best help out there, seeing what they did for their country.

"This country needs to stop fighting other countries war. America is not the world's army." - Ryan, a U.S. Veteran and also a cast member from The Real World Brooklyn.

Millions of low-income children have health insurance now, thanks to the Stimulus Plan.

The best from the West and East came together. The Lakers (LA), and Celtics (Boston). Lakers won, 110 - 109

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