Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bunch of Dumb asses!!

Wallstreet and any large corporations are full of it. The country is in a crisis. Small businesses are going out of businesses. Large businesses like Circuit City, General Motors (GM), and Ford are going bankrupt. It's pretty sad to see where the economy is. A store opened back in November in a shopping area where I live. And now it's closing. Not even three months, and it's closing. People are struggling just to make a living. But yet you have these bunch of dumb asses on wallstreet and big corporations, ( not stating any names), like AIG, giving there bosses bonuses. For what? For ramming the company in the ground? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Oh, the bunuses aren't thousands of dollars, but millions of dollars. The workers are saying that they are giving these bonuses to their bosses because they want to keep them. KEEP THEM? They are incharge of the company and look where it is now. But yet they still want to keep them. OMG, I'm so furious. You have people committing suicide because they can't take care of their family, there home is forclosed, and they lost there jobs. This type of suicide is called Anomic suicide; an imbalance of need, in which that need was unable to be fulfilled. So they think the best way is suicide. But yet you have these people giving away money to the people that ran down their company, (smart move). And on top of that, you have the bosses accepting the money. How selfish can you be.
The funny thing that came out of stories like this is the greatest people in the world. The Exec's for AIG. They used tax-payers money to have a very 'important' meeting at a very expensive hotel, where they enjoyed spas, manicures, and the finest things from the hotel. Oh, and I can't forget what they did. They flew on their private jets to England, and wherever they go. But most importantly, this is how you know that people are dumb. The company is going bankrupt and so they went on their private jets to plead with the government in congress that the Federal government should bail them out. BAIL THEM OUT!?!?! Are you kidding me. They flew in a PRIVATE JET to tell people that they need money. All I can say is WOW.
Mayor bloomberg announced last week that because of the economy they will have to start letting go teachers, thousands of teachers. True story, the only reason I would want to become a teacher is because there jobs are secure, they get pensions, and benefits. But that 's not the case now. People are losing their pensions and jobs. I mean come on, they already started getting rid of people that aren't needed in the schools. For ex: school aides. I personally believe that there can never be enough of two things, Teachers and Nurses. Talking about nurses, I believe this is taking place in Brooklyn or Queens. They are planning on closing 2 HUGE hospitals because of lack of funding. WOW, that's the excuse. LACK OF FUNDING? They're giving me a vibe as if when it comes to people lower than the upper class, we are not important. Close down the hospitals, the schools,(oh, they are already doing it!). This country needs to get our issues together. Like President Obama said, "I't's time for a change, but we have to work together to make that change."

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