Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phychology continued. *yawn*

Conditioned Stimulus(CS), Conditioned Response(CR), Unconditioned Stimulus(UCS), and Uncondition Response(UCR).

The 3 domains in Human development:
1. Physical
2, Cognitive
3. Psychosocial

Genotype: Your genes, traits/genetic make-up.
Phenotype: Your physical features.

Authoritarian Parenting Style: Are demanding, and unresponsive to their children's needs.
Authoritative Parnting Style: Are warm, responsive and involved with their children.

Health Psychology - The study of hor biological behavior and social factors influence your health.

Stress according to Psychology is a negative emotional state. I disagree. Stress is both positive and negative.
-Stressors are things that cause stress.
-General Adaptation Syndrome(GAS)- Being able to go through events occuring in your life. Then being able to cope with the changes in your body.
Fight or Flight - A quick response to an immediate threat. You fight, or you run (flight).

Psychoneuroimmunology - The study of psychological process, nervous system and the immune system.

Type A behavior - People who are very competitive,wants to do a lot of work in so little time and gets angry easily and annoyed.

Acculturative Stress - Immigrants like myself normally go through this. It's stress caused by being in a different country and dealing with their norms (customs).

Anal retentive - Obsessive Compulsive Behavior(OCD)

What is the difference between Clinical Phychiatrist, and Phychiatrist? You would think that because you see the word clinical, it has something to do with medecine right? And therefore the Clinical phychiatrist can prescribe pills right?....................WRONG!! Actually it's the opposite. The phychiatrist is the one that prescribe drugs. That's the difference.

Operant Conditioning - Is voluntary learning.
Classical Conditioning - Involuntary learning.

Independent Variable-Cause
Dependent Variable-Effect

Self Concept - What you think of yourself, and how other people view you.

Oedipus Complex - Psychologists balieve some messeed up things. This Complex is about the relationship between a child and their parents. According to psychologists, they believe that a daughter will compete with her mom to get daddy's attention and love (literally speaking). The same thing goes for the boy. The boy will compete the father to get his mother's loving.

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