Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 30th

I haven't been blogging lately because I had to study for my Anatomy and Physiology test. I had to pass this 2nd test because I did terrible on the 1st one. Not terrible; but for a nursing major, that wasn't acceptable. So I was busting my ass everyday going to tutoring after my classes (even though I didn't need to). Eventually it all payed off. I did excellent on my A&P Lab and lecture. My mid-term grade is now a B+. I could have done better though.

In about a hour I'm going to be turning 19. My last year as a teenager, that's crazy. I'm in college for less than a year and it's already taking a toll on me. I'm constantly stressed out. The professors, the school and their dumb-ass policies. It's like the only time I have time to myself is when I'm by the Vegan's house. When I get home I would like to watch tv once in a while, and read up on bossip , WSHH and perez and laugh at the issues those "important" people go through.

I'm thinking of getting dreadlocks. Nothing like those bubbo dreads, the neat ones. But my only problem is, I have to wash my hair like every week, or two weeks. And in order for me to locks it, I'll have to leave it in for a month. A MONTH!! I really don't know how I'm going to manage,(that's if I go through with it anyway). *For the last picture, I realized that I look like that kid from High School Musical. The one with the same hair*

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