Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Vegan bought the Twilight dvd for me. I told him that's all I wanted for my birthday. It's a recession damn it.jk. I enjoy reading the books. Can't wait for new moon. Now that I watched it on dvd, I realised that the acting wasn't all that good. Belle (Kristen Stewart) could have done a better job. The scene where she ended up in the hospital and Edwin told her that she had to go away. Her reaction was priceless. I understood that it was a "serious" moment, but I couldn't stop laughing at her. They should have made Dakota Fanning play Belle. Mr. Rob Pat is like 20 something. That would be wierd. Just like Hannah, miley cyrus(whatever her real name is), and her boyfriend whose name sounds like a football player or track star,(Justin Gaston).

Here is the Deluxe Edition.

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