Sunday, December 6, 2009

My journey to school is an adventure.

I go to school in the day, and during that time, that's when I see the craziest things.

So I just left my house, and I see a bunch of police cars circulating the area. At that point, I know they're looking for someone.
So I continue about my business, and couple blocks later, I see a cop frisking a boy. He was probably about 12 or 13. This kid should be in school, but no, he's out of school roaming the streets. So as I kept walking, I looked back couple times, and the kid was let go. The cop left, and finally he wasn't in view. And that's when the kid started running my way. He ran up to me, and stopped at a light post. He waited until everyone went past him, then he opened the bottom of the light post and took out a bag full of weed-marijuana.
I was laughing to myself the entire way to school. I'm sorry, but the situation was funny.
At first I felt sorry for the kid, but he turned out to be guilty.

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