Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Boy in the striped Pyjamas/Race in our world.

I watched the movie this morning. It's such a great film, and sad at the same time. As soon as the movie ended, I got up and came on here. Click here to read what it's about.
I don't understand why, even in today's society, people despise each other because of the color of their skin, and because of their faith.
Who are they to say what's right, and what's wrong?
We live in a messed up world, and it's getting worse each and everyday.

The Holocaust- A period in time when the Germans tortured the Jewish people. The German soldiers forced then in an area, and burned them alive.
This is what I don't get. You have a few people saying that the holocaust never took place.
Oh really? So the people who survived, are lying? ..........OK.

Slavery- A period in time when the whites tortured black people. They thought that the blacks were inferior to them. They even beat them until they bleed. They raped the women.

I think that's where the saying came from. "The lighter the better."
If the slave owner impregnated a slave woman. The child would come out light skinned. So therefore, that child will end up working in the house, because he/she is light skinned.

Personally, I don't give a damn about where a person is from, or the color of their skin.
I have friends of different races.

They say we should listen to our teachers, because they know what's right from what's wrong.
I was born in Jamaica, and a few of the teachers tend to treat the white, and the light skin students differently. Different=better.

My High School was closing, so during my entire freshman year (3rd form or 9th grade), all of us were in every class together. So we were all friends.
Anyway, I had a friend. Let's call that friend Hayden. So, it was time for English class, and the book we had to read was about race. A hour and forty five minutes went by, and the bell rang. Class was over. But before she let us go, she pointed to Hayden, and said, "do you know why the color of your skin is like that?" The student said nothing. The teacher then said, "because the white man raped your mother." I was dumbfounded. And it came back to me, the student's mother passed away couple years back.

People in such a position say the most ignorant and dumbest crap.

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