Friday, July 17, 2009


My God-sister and I went to Target today. We got up early and left the house to go to the gym. But when we got to school, it was closed. So we went back home and Gaylia (my god-sister), started complaining about how she's tired. So I told her that if she came, I would have bought her KFC. That kept her Only Gaylia. So anyway, we left home AGAIN.
We finally reached Target and saw some really good stuff. For ex: This new product. I think it's called LUXED. It''s really good. They come in body wash, body spray and lotion. They had the gist set, and travel size set. I'm not one to love orchid. But one of the body spray consisted of Vanilla and Orchid. That had to be one of the best scents I've smelled in awhile. It was that good.
Gaylia and I were going to buy it. But then I spent my money on the sale Bath and Body Works had. I regret what I did (buying B&BW product). So anywho, we were there for awhile (a good 15 minutes). Then we decided not to get it. One bottle of body spray cost $6!! I'm broke at the moment, so that was alittle steep for me. We walked around the entire store. Then we finally reached the beauty products, and I saw the biggest Garnier Frutese bottle ever. And they were selling it for $5. So I managed to pick that up, and an imitation body wash by Target. They copied off Caress Tahitian body wash. Target's price - $3.05Their price - $4.80. And the best part was that it smelled so good.
We were both surprised that the company's brand smelled just as good. So Gaylia bought a whole bunch of them. About 6 bottles. They even copied Olay, I don't care because I don't use it.
Andwho, I ended up buying a bottle of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner by Garnier Fruitise. A Target's brand body wash (with pomergranate seeds), and a season slicer for my godmother. My total = under $20.00

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