Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is my blog about?

I made this blog to put my thoughts in words. I have a lot to say. For example; from politics, to fashion. From science to art. I love it all. I'm very critical when it comes to certain issues, for example the economy, and religion.
My parents are Christians, so they teach us the teachings from the bible. I believe I'm the 'black sheep' in my family. My brother is turning 22 real soon, and he graduated from a 4 year college with a degree in Business at the age of 20. Yea, 20. So for me, I feel as if I have to work just as hard to be just as good as my brother.
I'm currently attending college. My major is nursing, but my psychology teacher keeps on telling me to look at other fields, for ex:
Even though I'm going to school and doing what I want. My main goal is to not disappoint my parents.
Why nursing?
My mom was a nurse in Jamiaica, and she loved her job because she helped people.
So, that's one reason I picked that field.

I've been busy for the entire day. I studied, did grocery and cleaned. I'm still cleaning. I'm so tired. I took a break to call Leonson, but he was kinda sorta busy watching Kite Runner(which is really a great movie). But the book is way better. Thank you Mr. Angstadt, (my english teacher) for introducing it to us.

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