Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P. Professor Carl Daley.

I was in lab last week and I found out that my Sociology teacher from the Fall semester passed away from a stroke over spring break. I was speechless. That guy was such a good teacher, even though he blamed technology a lot. For example: He would be the last to enter the classroom, and see us (his students), on the phone or any electronic devise. He would then say, "It's really sad to see people on their gadgets, while they could be talking to someone. Technology isolate you from what is going on at the moment."
And also, I wouldn't forget the time he went off on Itunes. He blamed them for making people lazy when it comes to buying music. He said in this time of year people buy music through download etc. He then said he prefer the long journey going to the music store, seeing what albums he like, flirting with the cashier, and having the record in his hand going home. He was a funny guy, and I enjoyed having him as a teacher.
R.I.P. Prof. Daley.

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