Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever Had - Drake.

So I watched Drake's video for Best I Ever Had. Kanye West made his directorial debut (I think), and the video sucked, bombed , need to be banned from t.v...... The song was so popular, but the video; OMG, one of the worst I've seen thus far.
Anywho, my God sister came here yesterday from Yard (Jamaica.) She bought a pair of those 'natural' slippers. I like it, but damn, I can't feel between my toes. It's a push toe slippers. Thanks Gaylia, not complaining. I could take a picture, but I don't have a camera. That is the 2ND thing on my list to get. A good DSL camera. I'm sick and tired of the miniature digital cameras. She wants to go out and about, but she needs to find someone to take her around, because I still have class. A month left. 6 more tests to go.

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