Monday, January 19, 2009

Swearing into history.

Today(the 19th of Januaary) is the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King's birthday. One thing this Civil Rights Activist wanted was for a day when people of every colour/color and culture to unite and give a helping hand to people in need. Tomorrow, (the 20th of January) is history; the swearing in of President-Elect Obama. I'm so proud to be able to see what is taking place. From slaves building the White House, to black people riding in the back of the bus, to the law Plessy v. Ferguson, (seperate but equal). Because of this historic day coming soon, I have been watching nothing but Civil Right's movies. They shouldn't just wait until history to take place in order to show these movies.

But anyway, I watched this movie on Sunday called The Tuskegee Airmen. This movie is about a group of African American pilots who would like to serve in WWII, but had to overcame racism. They later became one of the best fighter groups in WWII. To know that America would rather serve German enemies than serve African-Americans.
I have a question. People call black people in America African-Americans because they originally came from Africa. But at the same time you have white people that came from European countries and they are called Americans. Why not European Amercians?

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