Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've had enough.

I don't care if you are apart of any Law Enforcement. You work for the government to do right for the country and the people in it. Because of the position you are in does not mean that you have the right to take someone's life. I am from the caribbean, and the people around me taught me not to trust people, even the police. I thought the police were there to help. But I was wrong. I watched the news couple years back and heard of a policeman raping a girl. RAPE!! And because he worked for the government, they gave him a less sentence. But because of what the corrupt government is doing ( covering for their employees). The people took it upon themselves to take care of it. So, when it came time for the officer to leave prison; less than 2 days he was free. They killed him. Policemen in Jamaica cannot be trusted. That's why the people refer to them as Babylon. "Bun Babylon."
Now I was here looking at other people's blog and I saw a video of a citizen who was forced to the floor, and shot. First the beating of Rodney King, then Sean Bell, and Oscar Grant. There are way more police brutality, and us people need to take a stand.I'm sick and tired of it.

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