Monday, January 5, 2009


I haven't wrote in a while. But I've been so busy. I'm off for an entire month before I go back to school, and I'm taking advantage of it. I'm watching movies back to back. Eating ice-cream and learning how to cook. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm good with the oven, but not the stove. My new year resolution is to keep my body fit. I've been slacking off these couple years and I gained a few pounds in my tummy. I'm on a mission to get rid of it. Good news, my mom and I made a deal. I do something for her every week and she will pay me. Nothing major, just clean the entire house. Nice going mummy.
I've got good news. I passed all my courses. Yea me!! (London). Let's just say I did really good......but my folks say I could've done better. I really hope I can keep it up for the semester coming up, then I'll be able to go on the Dean's List. Since I started college in June I had 2 other schools in mind which I would be able to transfer to. But since Leonson is going back to school, I decided to go to another school close by, rather than a different borough. I hate to be away from him. I spoke to my father. But he's saying those schools have the best program which I would like to be in. I understand what he is saying. But let's be honest, they are going to teach the same thing.... I already picked my major, but the problem is which area I would like to go in.
Oh yea, I almost forgot. I'm thinking of going to Florida AGAIN. But this time, I would like to go with my significant other. It seem as if I have to delay it for awhile because of this recession. The price to stay in a hotel now is just rediculous. As I am typing, I am listening to Robocop by Kanye West. This is my favourite song off his 808 album. Ok, I'm hungry now. This is me saying good night to everyone. I'm going to go eat and watch a movie.

Kanye West - Robocop

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