Friday, January 9, 2009

The best 3 point shooter in the N.B.A.

Too bad he retired.

Mr. Reggie Miller

It's as if every single time he attempts to make a 3 point shot, he does. He is that good. Before he retired I would never forget that game with with the Pistons. We were sitting on the couch staring at the t.v. in shock like, is this really happening. Yes, I'm talking about the brawl of 04. First it was players vs. players, which was really fun to watch. Seeing guys 6ft and over attack each other. But then one of the players went in the stand, you know who I'm talking about, Ron Artest. He made the situation got out of control. Because he attacked that fan, other fans started getting involved. Even though the fan through liquid at him, he should be a bigger man and walk it off. But noooo, he didn't. He went in the stands and started swinging. He was getting his ass wooped by the fans, so his teammates came to the rescue and they got involved. Because of his actions, they suspended him and a few other pacers players. I'm not going to put the blame entirely on Artest, so the player that started the whole thing was the Wallace. Not Rasheed Wallace, but the afro man Ben Wallace. He took it to the extreme by pushing him in the first point.

And the fight between the worst team in the N.B.A. Knicks vs. The Nuggets. P.S. Never let someone's height fool you. I can't believe this guy hit and ran, what a coward, *cough* Anthony. This is the only time you'll see me cheering for the Knicks. The last time they (Knicks) went tot the Playoff was back in 2004 I believe.

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