Thursday, January 8, 2009


The cast of the Real Work Brooklyn.

Ok, the new season of the Real World is in Brooklyn. Yea, I love Brooklyn. Why? Because when I go there, it feels as if I'm in Jamaica. You hear Jamaicans cursing at each, smoking weed (marijuana) on the sidewalk. Just the sight of that put you back to your roots. Damn, I miss it. I miss my family, the 150 degrees weather, the food, the trees, etc. Anywho, back to my story. So yea, this seanson is in Brooklyn. I thought this was going to be a good one because of the sorrounding. But then why do people have to be so ignorant. Jeez. One of the cast said something real dumb, she is not the only one. But come on, it's your first day there and you're going to say that...."I didn't want to come here because I don't want to get shot.".......... I'm speechless. Dumb broad. Anywho. The cast seems twisted, meaning they will be getting on each others nerve. The cast consists of a Iraq Veteran, a transgenger, a mormom who I believe is in the closet (gay), a muscle head (all he does is eat and workout), another gay guy (seems really down to earth) and a pageant winner (all smiles).

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Anonymous said...

The blond mormon guy said "I dont want to get shot". I think he is gay also. Time will tell though. The season looks boring. I just cant wait for TK and the boys to meet the transgender guy on the gaunlet.