Friday, January 2, 2009

Products from Mark.

These products are a must-have from Mark. The Chocolate is the best, but here is a warning. It contains almond.

These are comments from a few people that bought this product.
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Wonderful Scent
Date: August 29, 2008
"I'm a fifteen year old girl and I absolutley love the scent. It's perfect for fall/winter, and I am planning on buying the scent mist and body butter as well.Also, the lotion itself is great and it gives me really, really soft skin plus a faint smell that lasts all day."

Date: June 4, 2008
"This is truely a different scent! Very chocolately, but you can definitely smell the Orchid in it. I normally don't care for scents like this, but this one is different. It's a little strong at first, but then it settles nicely. I think the Orchid in it really makes the difference. Good combination!"

Date: August 14, 2008
"I LOVE this product! It smells delicious and leaves a light and lingering scent after you use it. I have also used thel lemon sugar shower gel as well and I would recomment them both! Great products!"

Date: June 30, 2008
"I absolutely LOOVE this scent!!! Along with Lemon Sugar, this is my favorite scent for the Self Sanctuary line. It smells so refreshing, so light and subtle. The chocolate scent is not too strong, so it's really great! And if you buy the body wash, scent and this moisture milk, it will last a loooong time. I totally recommend to everyone!"

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