Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm at school in the library at the moment. I never thought that Anatomy and Physiology would be so difficult. I had lab today. The schedule stated that it only last for 45 minutes. The teacher then told us that it's a mistake. The class lasts for 2 50 minutes. I was like Oh My God, are you serious? So I was in a classroom for 2 hours and 50 minutes doing a lab sheet about the hierarchical level of Anatomy and Physiology. The teacher was talking and I hardly understood one word she said. I was reading last night and had to take a break because I got a headache. So anywho, I have to give a small presentation to a class that messes with your mind, Psychology. So now I have to go home and read chapter 1 in order to gain information.
This semester I'm really going to do my best. No more slacking. I can't stand to disappoint my folks by failing a course. So I'm on a serious note now. Oh yea. The heat on campus is not working, so everywhere I go is freezing. Bye for now.

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