Monday, June 8, 2009

Step Up 2

So I was watching the movie Step Up 2 with Leonson. He wanted to change it so bad. Then I told him to leave it, because I never saw it on t.v. before. So he left it, and for majority of the time he was complaining. "Can I change it? "This movie is boring let's watch something else." So finally he got quiet, and we continued to watch it. Then he started telling me about the people in the movie. What I mean by this is, for example: That geeky little kid, I think his name was geese or goose. His real name is Adam Sevani. He was telling me that he's a really good dancer. He's like Leonson. They are both followers of Michael Jackson. I went on youtube, and saw this kid danced. All I have to say is, ......he's alright.

Then when the movie was coming to an end. We both started making fun of it, because this movie is so..........(unable to find a word at the moment.) But anywho, when the star of the show (the girl) went up to the DJ and gave a speech, all I said was, "only in movies." Pull some crap like that in real life, people would curse her out, or go as far as throwing bottles. Then the stupidness continued. Leonson pointed out the fact that it was raining and lightning is flashing, and people followed them to watch them dance in the rain.

According to Leonson, the point of the story is that white people can dance better than black people, if we only give them a chance. And that they made they made the stars of the movie white and rich, and the black people ghetto. And they made Cassie (who I believe is hispanic), chasing after the male star of the movie, who happen to be white.

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