Friday, June 19, 2009

2008 and beyond

William and Trish.

As a senior we went to visit a bunch of SUNY colleges. I think this one was Purchase.
I will never forget that Blueberry muffin. hmmmm,the best.

Trish and I, and Tineisha's middle finger.

This has to be one of the gayest pictures I took so far. What is he looking at....and smiling?

Trish and I in School.

2 of my best friends, William and Trish. CHINATOWN.

Trish in her loungewear, going to Florida.

Tineisha after practice.

One of my best friends. Edelle and I.

At the beach with a few good friends.

A boat ride after we got back from our senior trip. We got so many things.

Senior year in High School - Retro Day
This is what I did in Civics class. This class was so boring.

On the train making funny faces.

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