Saturday, June 13, 2009

A littler of kittens.

Leonson and I were walking home and I saw a litter of kittens on the sidewalk. The sad thing is that they don't have a home. But people in the neighborhood see and know of them. So time to time, people will leave kitten food for them. There were about 3-4 of them. I wanted to take home one so bad. They were so adorable. But then I remember my father. He doesn't want me to get any animal with hair or feathers. I was going to take one and sneak the furry little animal in my room. I was about to take one, when Leonson showed me the mother. I moved away quickly. Anywho, those kittens are so small, beautiful and furry. I'm thinking of taking one the next time I go there. But I remembered having a cat in Jamaica. That cat was from hell. It scratch my arms and legs. I couldn't even touch the damn thing. Those kittens don't look like they'll do something like that.
There are so many animals out there. Adopt one.

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