Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baghdad High.

Baghdad High (Documentary) - Four teenagers create video portraits as they make their way through their senior year in a dangerous school.

I'm currently watching a documentry on HBO called Baghdad High. It's basically about students' that live in Baghdad recording their every move as a senior in High School.
There was this one kid that needs to find his father, so that he (his father), could sign a document allowing him to enter College and even get a passport. You see, the father left the kid and the mom after he was born. So if he is unable to find his dad, he won't be allowed to start school. The Iraqi government don't allow mothers to sign for citizenship for their children, only the fathers.

LOL. There are these 2 best friends. One is Christian, and the other is Muslim. And they have a class name Islamic Studies. So the christian boy said, "I'm christian, so I'm skipping the class." The Muslim boy says, "I am Muslim, but I'm also skipping the class."
"Every dictator should get Sadam's fate"- Iraqi Civilian

Wow. The people just watched Sadam's trial: sentenced to death by hanging. They say he deserved it and started celebrating. Then a mother said "That is nothing compared to the crimes he did to the people, he should have gotten more." His own people didn't even like him.

In their neighborhood, there is assasinations, killing, and kidnapping. And anyone seen with a mobile phone will be robbed.

"I must have kissed a million guys today"-Ali
It's their custom to greet and say goodbye to someone by kissing them on the cheek. Ali is leaving Mohammed(his best friend). He said if he stayed any longer in Iraq, it will be bad."Nothing good will come out of it."

New years Eve: Is it fireworks or gunshots....

Ali and his family moved and left Baghdad and went somewhere else(I forgot the place). Anywho, he's is complaining saying where he is at now is boring. If he was in Baghdad, and he left his house, he would have gotten shot by a straight bullet, or bombed. He said his current location is boring. They don't listen to western music, only Michael Jackson. HAHA, he thinks MJ is boring.

Mohammed just turned 18. He said if he was in America, he would have gotten kicked out of the house and told to go get a job.

Yea, the guy that needed his father's signature to go to college, finally got it.
Noiw he has to pass an exam, then he can continue his eeducation.

WOW. It's like the regents. There are armed soldiers at the school because they fair that there might be a disturbance (bombing.)
Mohammed failed. He will have to re-do his entire senior year.

4 guys
2 graduated and got accpted to go to college. 1 of them is unable to pay the tuition, so he's not going to college. 1 left Iraq, the other is doing over his entire senior year.

That was a good documentary. It made us see what it's like for them in Iraq, the situations they face on a daily basis. They have it hard. But yet people here have it better and are still complaining. They thank God everyday, not for materialistic things, but for life, their famile, their loved ones.

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