Sunday, June 7, 2009

For your thoughts.

I've been really busy reading my text for the class I'm currently taking. I've learned about the heart thus far. That little thing(heart), is responsible for so many things. And the best part is that I finaaly learned how to read an ECG/EKG scale. I always wanted to know hot to. And finally, I do. So that's it for now. This week I'm going to learn about blood vessels and blood pressure.

E3 NEWS 09!!

The new PSP GO - 16GB - A game that reminds me of a sidekick, I kinda sorta don't like it. The only reason why I like it is because it's so small. When the guy on E3 was talking about it, he had it in his hand. WOW. It's oh so small.

The game manufacturers were talking about how they want all games and movies to be downloadable. I guess they are starting with the PSP GO. This system does NOT use UMD. So what that means is, you have to downlaod your games/movies on it.

Pictures for your thoughts.

These 4 boys look oh so familiar. I wonder where I've seen them before....

Making out, and at the same time, being pulled out of a train,(and having your budies hold your legs).... now that my friend is true love.

Monkey+Art=Monkart (He looks like a professional.)

Leonson, this is for you.

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