Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainy days.

It was raing everyday last week, except Saturday. Then it's been raining everyday this week. Right now it's a little foggy, and raining. I got up about 50 minutes ago. I was so tired. My brain needed the rest. I always wanted to watch Deja Vu (starring Denzel Washington), and last night was my chance, and I fell asleep within 30 minutes of the show. Why is it that when people are sleeping, a lot of people decide to call at that time? That's what happened to me last night. Anywho, I'm here, on my computer, writing this blog and listening to a lot of Rap. Right now I'm listening to Kanye West' FLASHING LIGTS. It just ended and now I'm listenning to Will.I.Am's I GOT IT FROM MY MAMA. My class have been hell. Now I'm regreting that I shouldn't have taken it in the summer. Everything is going so fast. Hey, I signed up for it. So I need to stick with it and go through. Oh yea, I have a practical next. And yesterday, we did the blood, the formed elements of blood, and the different levels of blood, their functions, and the percentile in our body. We had a debate out antibodies, because now-a-days they are making them stronger than ever. And if the antibodies are THAT strong, it could do damage to the body. For example: failure of the liver, (which deoxygenate the blood).

Important question: Why is it that when people talk about ethnic, they talk about every single race on the planet, EXCEPT white?

For example: The city I live in, we have a lot of restaurants, which are categorized as 'ethnic'. And these ethnic restaurants consists of Caribbean, Asian, etc.

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