Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today is Saturday and I have to go to school to do my Englich Assignment. The pressure is getting heavy. Got to study for a sociology test, and a healt mid-term. And oh yea, withing today and tomorrow I have to do two history test. I can do it, as long as I set my priority right.
Let me tell you what happened yesterday. I went shopping to exchange a pair of sneakers I bought for a pair of boots for the winter (I came to realize that I have a lot of sneakers and don't need the moment). The problem is, I got more than just the pair of boots. I got something for the people I love,(won't tell what it is though). Let's just say, seeing how the economy is on a downfall and won't get back to normal until the end of 2009, I'm planning on wrapping it. That's right, that's their Christmas present. Come to think of it, I wonder how Black Friday (a day where things go on sale and people literally wait outside in the cold until the doors open, then once they are in they hit,punch and bite to get whatever they want). Technically that's not true, that's my own spin on it. They do fight to get what they want though. Anywho, people aren't really spending as much anymore, so I can't wait to see what happens on that day. Talking about the current economy gets me frustrated, so, back to what I bought. Since Leonson and I always fight over lip balm/blistex, I bought a few. I use to buy lip smacker lip balms (because they were so yummy), but I stopped, because for one of their lip balms, it cost like $2. Now I'm going to start buying it again. Why spend that much on a lip balm? Because they are worth it. Here is a picture of the lip balms I bought. Flavors: Watermelon and M&M. One word: Delicious.

Then I bought a studded belt. I absolutely love these. It makes me feel as if I'm bad. *laugh*. Anwho, in the picture you'll seethe belt I bought, it's black and silver, and in the background you'll see my all time favourite, the silver one.

Then I went out in search of a perfume my mom bought for me couple years back. I did not remember the name, so I had to go from store to store describing the bottle. And I finally got it, after being apart for over 2 years.*laugh*. Here it is. And oh yea, it's my favorite perfume. So if you are planning on buying anything for me, I'm very picky and if you get this, you can never go wrong.

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