Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hello you, just came to tell you what happened during the past couple days. I took a health test yesterday. I know I did great on that. Today I took a mini quiz for History and a Sociology test today. I passed the history quiz, but the Sociology, I found it very difficult. Right after I was done taking the test, I got a headache. Even up until now, I still have it. So many terms, so many definitions. Hope I did good on it.
OmG, I'm currently watching the debete, and it's putting me to sleep. I would really like Obama to win. Why? First of all. When McCain is talking, just listen to him real carefully. He sounds like Bush. And his policies reminds me of Bush. America has been under Republican rule for 8 years. Let me reapeat myself. AMERICA HAS BEEN UNDER REPUBLICAN'S RULE FOR 8 YEARS!! I believe it's time for a change. Look what happened between those 8 years. War, recession, tax hike, and so on. The only reason Bush won his second term was because he had a brother in Florida and they were involved in caging. What is caging exactly?

Vote caging in Florida: 5 counties affected , by
What region is affected? (City, County, State)
Florida: Hillsborough, Collier, Miami-Dade, Escambia and Duval
What voters would be affected?
Older voters, urban voters, likely Democratic voters
How would tactic suppress votes?
From the article (link below) in St. Pete Times: "The first-class GOP mailing has a "Do not forward" instruction on the envelope, meaning they will be returned to the GOP if a recipient has had mail forwarded, perhaps to a summer address, or has moved."Letters returned as undeliverable can be compiled into "challenge lists" of unverifiable addresses and can be used to challenge voters' eligibility during early voting or on Election Day. The vote suppression technique is known as "vote caging."
Who is behind it?
Florida GOP
Links to media coverage? (provide headline with link, writer, name of outlet and publication date. try to list in order)
Democrats, Florida elections officials criticize GOP mailing by By Steve Bousquet, Tallahassee Bureau Chief Posted: Sep 16, 2008
Possible laws violated?
Voter suppression
Embed YouTube if available.
None available
What's the last known status?
What actions can be taken?
Spread the word to Obama for Florida campaign, Obama national campaign, and to major media outlets in Florida and national level
Enough said!!
Change 08', Go Obama!!!!

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