Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Question #2: What do you think about people calling other people "nigger" in today's society? Are you the type that will get offended, or go on with it?

I'm currently at school studying my ass off. Sociology, Health and O.C.D. midterms are out the way. Only one left, and that is history. In high school I never really liked the subject. But now, it's starting to interest me. History mid-term tomorrow. I know I'm going to do good. Already know what I needed to know. It's just up to me to not panic and flunk it.
For my Sociology test, personally, I did 'ok'. But it's not up to my parents level. They were dissappointed in me. I don't know what happened. I mean I know I know the answers, but it seems as if when I'm taking the test I am not sure. I took O.C. D. today. I'm currently paying for the class, but yet it's not a credit class. So probably that's why I don't like the class. Who the hell gives a mid-term based on what building and room the Math Lab is in. or where is the financial aide office. Or where is the paralegal tutoring lab. Who does that. This is the dumbest thing I've ever been involved with.
To make it worse, the teacher "accidentally' burned or 2 page assignments. WOW!! How careless is that? So I had to search really hard for my USB, because the assignment was on it. I eventually found it, and by the end of the class I got my grade. A 8/10. I believeI could've gotten higher though. So, all that is next for me to do is revise for my mid-term by asking my vegan to quiz me. That's all for now folks. Oh by the way, for my History mid-term, I will be doing 6 essays and 30 multiple choice. Doesn't that sound like fun. I'm going to do good because I have a great teacher and I studied.

P.S. Hard work pays off.

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