Monday, October 13, 2008


Today was an ok day. I'm just taking it easy. Still couldn't get all my work done. But look at the bright side, I got something done. I went out today. My mom woke me up after 7 this morning just to clean my room, wow, mothers. As the day went by, I followed Leonson to a store and bought something for my cousin Brandon. We've been talking a lot now(Brandon and I). I'm just making sure that he's ok. That's my little cousin. Even though he is much bigger than me (I call him my bodyguard), I can still give him a beat down. I slept earlier. Got up couple hours ago. I asked my brother to ask me questions pertaining to my health mid-term I have tomorrow. I got all of it right. I think I'm ready. As a matter of fact, I know I'm ready. It's just up to me to focus on it. Hope I do really good. I'm here downloading music, taking it easy. I don't really feel the vibe for doing anything, not even watching t.v., only sleeping. For me, not watching t.v. is not normal. Yesterday my mom said, "you watch a lot of t.v. for a college student." I was going to reply and say something sarcastic. But she was right. There is more to life than just sitting around watching t.v. I mean I do study, but let's be honest. Studying is boring. If I study too hard I get a migraine. I'm trying here, but I'm not doing my best.

Right now I'm here writing this blog, and downloading the latest music. I am liking that new reggae song that is on John Legend's new album called EVOLVER. I think it's track #14.

It's a really good song. I don't normally listen to John Legend because his songs are normally boring. But I like the direction of his new album, it has life. For the latest songs, just go on this website.---->
So for the next couple of hours, I will be listening to music and studying. My friend Tineisha called me a study bug, (she is so funny). Oh, by the way, check this artist out. His name is Drake, he made that song Replacement Girl featuring Trey Songz. He've been out since last year. I listened to his freestyle over T.I.'s beat Swagger like mine. I think he's gonna blow up. But my only problem is that he's way too cocky for a new artist. Someone needs to humble themselves.
Copy and Paste the following link for a sample of one of his works.

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