Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our current economy.

I graduated from High School couple months ago, and started college a week later. I realize that I have a lot to say, (i take it from my father). And at times, saying it out loud isn't the proper way. So this is where I'll be storing my thoughts. Just to let you know, I have a lot. Even now with the economy going down the drain, as a college student it is affecting my parents. The cost of technology fee ( a price you pay in college for using the computers and any other technology at the college campus) went up, and the tuition is, two words, NOT CHEAP. but the thing I don't understand is that the federal government is giving away peoples' taxes to rich business owners who failed to manage a corporation. It really hurt me to know how the system is. People of their statue are paying less tax. While people in middle and lower class are paying more for their tax. Then the government had the audacity to come on national t.v. and say "it's the peoples' fault that we are in this situation." That's all BS, so what the government is trying to say is that we, the people, are in charge of the banks. This all started because the banks started giving out loans to people who were unable to pay them back. It's their fault, they shouldn't have been giving out loans to any and everyone. Because of what the banks did, this is what it lead to

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