Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gift purchasing my way.

(Currently blasting ‘Can’t believe it’ by T-Pain, Mrs. Officer - Lil Wayne & I’m in love with a stripper - T-Pain.)

Yea……….I’m not good at it. One thing I don’t like buying for people is clothes, or shoes. They have their own individual style and all, and I wouldn’t want to ‘change’ that. They might give me hints on a product they like. But knowing me, I have problem remembering things like that. But you can ask me what an aneurysm is, or what is the function of an adipose tissue, and it's location, and I will easily tell you.
Anywho. My point is, don’t give me clues, because you might hate me later on in life.
So, what I tend to do is buy perfumes and colognes depending on how I view you. Yep, that’s my gift to you.
I remember last Christmas, I got all my family members and Leonson’s perfumes and colognes. Yes, I did that.
For example: Leonson has two younger brothers. The older of the two loves things like G-shocks, NFL, Polo Boots, Sneakers……….
And the other loves Comic books, Comic Con, Spider man……….
So what I did was, I got the older one a MJ cologne, and DC /Marvel Batman and spider man cologne for the younger one.
It’s either that, or I give the person cash. I did that to my brother, (gave him cash), and my mom was upset with me, because she thought I didn’t care, because I didn’t show any effort in getting him a ‘proper’ gift.
That’s my gift buying strategy. Because I would hate to buy someone something and they didn’t like it.

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Trish said...

I hear you, hun. Can't be too materialistic: thought has to be put into it and there is no "proper" gift.