Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Spinal Cord.

When people are talking about the human body, they talk mostly about the brain, organs, and glands. I'm not saying that talking about them are bad, but they left out one important thing, the spinal cord. My mom and I had a little debate about it. She said that without the brain we are unable to function. well she is partially wrong. The spinal cord contribute to so many things that occur in the body. For example: Reflexes is an involuntary action which is done by the spinal cord. Put yourself in this position. You're cooking brakfast and you touch a hot pot. Your reaction, you instantly remove your hand. The brain had nothing to do with it. But your spinal cord did. You see what happens is, 'you touching that hot pot' cause a sensory neuron to travel to the spinal cord. Then the interneuron (located withing the spinal cord), integrates the information from the sensory neuron and sends it to the motor neuron, which then travels out of the spinal cord to the the location of your hands, which then allows your hand to move.
After all this took place, the brain got the information that something was wrong, but went back to normal.
I understand that without the brain we can't function. But look at the people who are mentally challenged. Their brains don't function that well, but yet they go on with their lives. Their movement, any physical activity whatsoever is due to the spinal cord.
Here is a picture that depicts what I said.

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